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Jeremy Blackman:

Worst Film: ROCK OF AGES


The Dark Knight Rises
The Dictator
Rock of Ages

not against whatevs, so only in the against category do i wanna say: the opening here is strong, the geography is compactly fancy, and there's a chill griffith park scene. i think it's too fun to be the worst movie from last year, and wasn't the worst movie i saw the day i saw it, but prob people wanted it to cruise into heaven. which it didn't. k

tbh i wasn't sure who made it and looked the person up. i know what i gotta mention around this place:

Boogie Nights (choreographer)

Weekend at Bernie's II (choreographer)
and (wtf?)
Congo (choreographer)

k ;)

he's a hollywood gay type. lotsa hwood creds. i got no probs with him

Apart from Tom Cruise who was really funny, this has to be one of the most painful movie experiences I had in the past few years. The young leads were absolutely terrible in every possible way and when you have some comedic gay scenes between Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand that make you wanna cut your ears and eyes off, you know it's that bad.

this pained you? your life is pretty easy and you live a paradise. good job


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