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a modest proposal as best as i can..

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on: March 04, 2013, 05:10:56 AM
Hey everybody,

i wanted to propose this sooner but i felt like it was "so much a" post, i always kind of got discouraged..

I'm drunk now, so, as i do, (at least as it's known as i do do 'round here) i blurt and now propose to thee (as well as i can):

A New Category!

*only to be considered by majority if be so!!!

so i propose and explain:

*spoilers ahead for A Late Quartet

I saw A Late Quartet and was reminded the power of story.

As the story goes: Christopher Walken's character is the cellist of the famed Fugue Quartet; thee creme de la creme of the chamber music world.
They've been on top for 25 years in fact and our story begins as Walkens character begins to develop Parkinson's.
Facing that fact, Walken informs his partners that the next show will be his last, if he can even make it that far, as his condition strikes fast..
of course, this is only the device that propels our story forward..
What follows is a peek inside the relationship of people who work intimately together, yet know so little of the fabric of those they trust with their passion.

When Walken proposes his final show, his also proposes the very reality that he may not even make it that far:

[sic]"If be so, may i suggest Nina Lee as my replacement.. Not only is she most than capable of the impossible Bethoven's Op. 131, she is the only one who..." blah blah blah, yknow..

Of course, the gang immediately rejects the idea in an, "Are You Kidding!? No Way." fashion..

As the movie continues and subplots take precedent, we are treated to another scene where Walken confronts the leader of Nina Lee's current troupe, played wonderfully by the one and only Wallace Shawn, who only confirms the fact of the story:

[sic]"There is no better cellist; no better quartet than the Fuege. Nina Lee will have her day, but the final show belongs to you, the Great Chris Walken..."

fast forward past a great human drama, to the night of the last performance, a packed house, where A Late Quartet begins, and delves into a breath taking rendition of Beethoven's Op. 131.. it's beautiful and forces appreciation. But moments in..
The Fuege begins to feel Walken struggling despite the promising open; they exchange concern in looks and telling bow movements until..

Walken can't continue.
He stops.
Then delivers the truth and matter at hand:

"After years of pleasure and satisfaction, i can no longer play, and must stop out of respect to you all, myself, and Ludwig Van..

Walken delivers the powerful monologue of a man bidding farewell to his craft, his colleges, his followers, and his brain, until he gracefully concludes:

.. and may i introduce to you all, my replacement,..."

to the suprise of The Fuege and us watching:

"Ms. Nina Lee"

Ms. Nina Lee takes position to applause, and with one exchange of glances, The Fuege Quartet acknowledges, forges, accepts, and forgives the previous actions of the past 2hours and enters into a new decade of importance with their newest member. 

--- i cant do it justice here, but it's a fantastic introduction of a character we've only up until then heard about.
as corny as it may seem, i speak personally when i say: i felt the pride of Nina Lee, i felt the story untold of the girl who praticed and earned the right of such an introduction..

in short: it reminded me of the power of story, and just how many stories can be told, with exponential amount of dramatic weight, one movie is capable of if executed correctly.

i wept, i totally sobbed with pride for this character of Nina Lee, the unseen talent who Walken so passionately believes in, i wept because of the reminder of what one human act can bring to a conclusion... that amazing thing in life when one moment aligns and unifies all.

And then i wept even harder when the credits revealed that Nina Lee was in fact payed by Nina Lee.
i thought to myself, "No character will top the subtle human arch of Nina Lee, that was beautiful."

and right after that, i swear to you i wondered:

Would Xixax dig a Best Character Category?

i know it seems as though it would be easy to narrow down such unique, essential, main characters, such as the Feddie Quells or Joe's of Looper to qualify Best Character of 2013,

but as i propose, i propose in hopes that each of us will enlighten each other to stories we may have missed in movies, the stories of the carfully crafted subtext. The stories of the lives our main characters may have influenced while possibly not even being in frame. The side charters such as the gay jock in Paranorman who very effectively and subtlety told us more than any anti-bully documentary can, or another good example of 2013 would be Agent Coulson, who made us care whether a bunch of costumed heros avenged or not..

i dunno, like i said, i wanted to suggest this earlier, i just didn't know how to propose it i guess, i did the best i could here, sorry if its rambly, i am buzzed...
but yes: Possibly a new consideration, how bout a Best Character of 2013 category?

and if most favor, i say:

Nina Lee from A Late Quartet for Best Character of 2013!!!
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Reply #1 on: March 04, 2013, 10:07:49 AM
For me it's a tie between:

72teeth as Freddie Quell

72teeth as Sheizer porn star
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Reply #2 on: March 04, 2013, 02:48:23 PM
either way, ima fart in your face
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