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Crossing Boundaries

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on: January 31, 2013, 10:36:17 AM

Florian Flicker’s first feature in 12 years takes the triangluar relationship from Der Überfall and the Western ascetics from No Name City and combines them in a nerve-racking, sultry thriller.

It’s 2001, at the EU border between Austria and Slovakia. Innkeepers Hans and Jana earn some cash by smuggling immigrants across the border. When the army hears of their illegal activities, they send the young soldier Ronnie to see them. He has to collect evidence against the couple by flirting with Jana. This increases the mutual mistrust – also between Hans and Jana.

Flicker, who doesn’t take sides, explores boundaries: where does love end and where does treachery begin? The dusty boredom and bright blue skies evoke memories of classic Westerns. That only contributes to the shimmering psychological tension that slowly creeps under your skin in this contemporary adaptation of Der Weibsteufel (1914).

Written and Directed by Florian Flicker
Release Date TBD

Don't complain about the lack of subtitles look at the way this thing is SHOT.

Edit - Same DP as Revanche, no wonder.