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on: April 27, 2012, 02:38:45 PM
I'd never heard of this production management / remote collaboration software until today when it was mentioned in a video interview with cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth. I don't think this is really something for no-budget films, but for decently budgeted indies and higher profile projects this seems like something pretty invaluable if you're working with people spread around the globe. Users of Pix System include David Fincher, Frances Ford Coppola, Sam Mendes, and Walter Murch.

Water Murch Testimonial

PIX Project is an on-demand, on-line collaboration and project management system for the entertainment industry. Separate areas help you manage media and foster an improved creative process. PIX Project serves all stages of production, from development through post-production. Fully-integrated calendar, task manager, and alerting features form a complete production system.

Using PIX Project means production elements are now always in your reach. Schedules are updated instantly and universally available. Approvals can be obtained quickly and accurately. The reliable, streamlined process enabled by PIX Project increases the likelihood that your projects will come in on-budget and on-time.


  • Manage and share head shots, casting videos, and notes
  • Casting choices can be made from remote locations by multiple users
  • Organize and maintain cast contact information, link to call sheets and calendar

  • Manage script revisions on PIX Project
  • Share searchable notes with other project personnel
  • Link script to other production elements such as locations, cast, schedule, dailies, cuts, and more

  • Descriptions, photos, and video clips are shared and searchable
  • Location information can be linked to contact list, tasks, and calendar
  • Embed directions and maps


On Set
  • Instant notification of schedule changes
  • Dailies viewable on-set
  • Better inter-departmental information exchange

  • Screen dailies anywhere, anytime
  • Director can send frame-accurate scene notes to editorial during production
  • Cut scenes on-set mean smart creative decisions

Call sheets
  • Eliminates time consuming paper-based system
  • More reliable crew communications
  • Changes are quickly disseminated


Picture Edit
  • Improves communication between editor and director
  • Better coordination between picture and all other departments
  • Speeds delivery and approval of edits and versions

Sound Edit
  • Integrated spotting database linked to appropriate media
  • Reduces the need to make and ship media
  • More time spent handling creative tasks

  • Improves collaboration among music supervisor, composer, and director
  • Easy to coordinate music searches, approvals, and clearances
  • PIX provides secure and instant file auditioning

Visual Effects
  • Elements are easily transferred to editorial without FTP servers or shipping
  • Notes are exchanged quickly and accurately
  • PIX makes all media trackable and searchable

  • Cut management function reduces prep time for mix sessions
  • Provides reliable and quick sound file transfers, eliminating shipping
  • Is great for instantly importing last-minute material

Pix System Official Website


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Reply #1 on: April 27, 2012, 02:42:22 PM
holy shit, about to embark on the biggest shoot of my career (which is just a small ad agency shoot with medium sized budget) and shits flying loose and I wish I'd known about this software seven days ago.
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