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I suppose it's about time we start talking about this one, as it seems like it's going to be around for a while. I know very little about the source material, but from what I've heard it seems to be sticking rather close to it. Sean Bean doing his long haired LOTR thing is nice, but it's Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister who steals the show. So far I think it's doing a remarkable job of juggling a large cast and multiple storylines, and those opening credits are fantastic at establishing what is happening where. It's far from perfect but I'm enjoying it unashamedly. Anyone else?

I find it all so boring.

the little I read about it didn't find interesting before it started, still i gave it a chance and was hooked since the 1st episode, it's very well made and to be honest the whole production of the series has surprised me, not that HBO doesn't invest in that but all the castles and locations look very real (some may be of course). this looks and feels better than many movies actually.

and I'm with you about Peter Dinklage's character, he's been great from the start.

I have no interest in reading the books whatsoever, but this show is fantastic.

spoiler function doesn't work for me so...


what an episode, just last week was talking with a friend and told her HBO already greenlit 2nd season, so that meant there was no way they would kill ned stark (haven't read the books), it was only a matter of time to see how he would get out of that one and....BOOM, he's gone, I couldn't fucking believe it.

I have a feeling they will leave us wit a huge cliff hanger, damn.


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