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Didn't find a thread for this... it opened today and it's very good. I really like these type of movies, but this one has a few elements that are interesting and create some surprise. Great ending too.

Trailer here

Such a great and interesting concept that falls flat in some areas. But those flaws are small stumbles in an overall fast sprint to an awesome finish. The conclusion of this movie has one of the best staring contests I've seen in a movie, period. Bradley Cooper stands tall against the irreplaceable de niro. Its one of the most interesting looks at addiction but it didn't go as deep indepth as it should have with this subject. Rent it when it hits netflix if you want to ever do a double feature with 'trainspotting'.

cronopio 2:
this looks as good as a movie with post 90s robert deniro can get.


--- Quote from: cronopio 2 on April 13, 2011, 08:56:17 AM ---this looks as good as a movie with post 90s robert deniro can get.

--- End quote ---

actually it was kind of a letdown. not a bad movie but very superficial in pretty much every aspect.
i quote the deniro comment because he has some good moments here but the film where he really shines and brings back memories of the 90s, even 70's deniro is Stone. You should all check that one out.

This film sucks and I have seen it five times.


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