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Just Withnail:
Hi everyone!

Have a short film I did earlier this year. Loosely based on my experiences with working in psychiatry in Oslo.

Can be watched here.

It's also showing at the Norwegian Short Film Festival this weekend, and was nominated for a public choice thing at this site. Winner is decided by vote, so please do if you liked the film!

hey man that was great.

i went to the second site where you said we can vote for it but i couldn't figure out how to, everything is in a weird language that makes no sense to me. once i figure out how to vote i will definitely encourage everyone to do so!  in the meantime everyone should watch this little film.

i'll now talk a bit about what i liked:

- for starters, it's short. it doesn't waste any time doing things that many bad short films fall trap to. a lot of short films waste too much time on silence or useless dialogue. there is no expository dialogue in this story apart from the simple identification of the main character that he repeats a few times and couldn't be explained any other way without giving away the ending, that is when he says "i work on tor" and gives some information about his background. the rest of the short is just the training, i love it.

- on the subject of the training. it's a great idea to make a film around this idea of physical training. as we all know it's useful in montages to progress a story where simply learning something creates a momentum and an internal narrative of progression where a character can grow. this is basic story telling. what i think is neat about something as simple as as this short film is that it engages the audience with the proven method of physical activity suggestive of violence without stooping to one of the other great pitfalls of crappy shorts which is showing actual violence. real graphic violence is almost NEVER earned in short films, it's just a cheap way to get someone's attention and personally i have always found it embarrassing and amateur in execution. murder, blood, extreme violence or language, this is the arsenal of a hack short film maker (sorry anyone who does this on a regular basis).

- it has a great structure whereby the end will make you want to rewatch the beginning and maybe reassess the way you looked at this character at the start. the ending of the film really dictates what kind of film it is. at first it made me wonder what is this, some kind of public service announcement? but your backstory (that it's based on your experience) kind of explains where the film is coming from. the lead actor is very good at doing everything the film requires, and that is going from someone who is not taking things seriously to someone who is.

- it's not perfect. somehow feels a bit incomplete but i think that was always going to be the case as the film is all about an introduction of some sort. it's sort of about a "first step". so it's not that important that the ending supply us with anything more than the character's realisation of this first step.

a few questions:

- what does GREP mean? -- oh nevermind i figured this out, it's GRIP. awesome title! add it to the list of things i like, definitely gels with the theme of the story.
- what did you shoot on? (the omnipresent 7D? if so you'll get a news header!)
- how many shorts have you made that are at the technical and performance level of this one? is this your big foray into the festival/comp circuit? is it just one many great shorts you've made? (i'm guessing you were writer/director)
- again.. how do i vote?

Just Withnail:
Wow, thanks for the generous reply! Will have to keep this pretty short, as I'm at the festival as we speak. I wrote, directed and edited it.

The voting is done by pressing the green button to the right saying "Stem på denne filmen!" (the language is Norwegian). Voting closes on Sunday.

Really glad you liked it, and feel bad to give such a brief reply, but will write more tomorrow or Sunday.

This was really good.  I really like both these actors.  Especially the non-lead guy... he was really subtle yet expressive.

I don't see any green button when I go to the vote page, otherwise I totally would.

Just Withnail:
Ah, shite, voting's closed!


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