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Cory Everett:
A Kinder, Gentler Family Guy

Without David Lynch, there would be no Cleveland Brown.

It’s a hard fact to swallow, given the easy-going, African American Family Guy character, whose new spin-off series, The Cleveland Show, hits Fox this week, seems a million miles removed from the avant garde auteur. The same can be said for his creator and series showrunner, Mike Henry.

Such a lofty career wasn’t always Henry’s aspiration. Upon graduating from Virginia’s conservative Washington and Lee University, he saw himself as a “social guy looking to make it in business.” He settled nicely into an advertising career until he caught a screening of Wild at Heart. It changed everything.

“I realized if David Lynch could put forth such a unique sensibility and make a living at it, then I’m going for it!” exclaims Henry, who promptly quit advertising and embarked on a temporarily less lucrative career as a comedian and writer that eventually landed him on the staff of The Family Guy and now, The Cleveland Show – where you’ll find a bizarre, Lynchian cast including, well, David Lynch.

“He’s one of our characters,” Henry is proud to boost. “He plays Gus the Bartender, who is drawn to look very much like David Lynch and, obviously sounds like David Lynch.”

Henry took time out from coaxing his idols into his show to speak with the Writers Guild of America, West Web site about The Cleveland Show’s happy, mustache mellowness; about the unique creative process of an animated show where the writers do the voices as well; and about why, every time Cleveland talks, there’s a guy on a basketball court somewhere scratching his head and trying to figure out why that voice sounds so familiar.

When/how/why did this happen?   :shock:

it'r not the real david lynch is it? Unless i missed something out of pure cognitive dissonance, it looks like they just wrote another random character, and the WGA ppl just latched onto it to give the write-up a desperately needed semblance of respectability. :/

No, its him. He talks about it here. I was initially put off by it, but whatever, its just a seemingly nice guy helping another seemingly nice guy out.

oh, i see..

i guess his overpriced coffee and website subscriptions aren't making what they used to.

also, he's becoming a joke.

I guess it is almost as bizarre as Adam West being a fairly common character on Family Guy.


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