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TED Talks
« on: April 17, 2010, 03:49:37 AM »
Does anyone else here check out Ted Talks? I recently got the podcast, and i've been watching videos of TED talks on design, technology, and other things for a while. They are great to watch with people, and even by yourself a 15 minute TED talk is much better than 15 minutes on youtube.

If you're not familiar, i recommend one of the latest ones in the itunes store, by Chris Abani, about storytelling. there's also this awesome tech one:

i gravitate to the science and design talks, which i always find interesting. talks that come to mind have ranged from green furniture and home designs, to whether or not people should really be afraid of genetically engineered food, to music performances.

check some out at
Obviously what you are doing right now is called (in my upcoming book of psychology at least) validation. I think it's a normal thing to do. People will reply, say anything, and then you're gonna do what you were subconsciently thinking of doing all along.


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