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Ang Lee discusses Kubrick's favorite shirt

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Reply #15 on: December 08, 2009, 07:11:21 AM
you remind me that in 2003 I went out and bought 2 pairs of beige pants and 4 white shirts at Sears to emulate the David Lynch look. Oh foolish youth. I guess I imagined some chick would come up to me and say : ''wait a minute, you look a awful lot like David Lynch in that Blue Velvet production still!''


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Reply #16 on: December 08, 2009, 10:52:03 AM
Then she would say 'wanna fuck?'
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Reply #17 on: December 08, 2009, 11:31:27 AM
or : ''wanna come over to my place and watch some ants eat a rotting chicken... then fuck?''

see http://www.thecityofabsurdity.com/losthighway/lhsound.html under Trent Reznor for joke explanation


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Reply #18 on: December 08, 2009, 02:30:39 PM

am I an asshole for having this shirt?


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Reply #19 on: December 08, 2009, 02:51:27 PM
of course not. i just thought it would be funny if Kubrick was secretly worshipping Herzog all this time under his over shirt.


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Reply #20 on: December 09, 2009, 12:30:36 AM
Or if he was like "Heh... it's the Danzig shirt, but with Herzog's name!  If anyone knows both of those things, they'll find it funny, but if they only know one of the two, they'll be like whaaa and if they don't know either, well, it's not like I'd be hanging out with them anyway."
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Reply #21 on: December 09, 2009, 02:14:13 PM
time is valuable to me - you can't get it back, unlike money, you can make more, etc.

i don't think time is valuable to you though. the average person would post that supposedly EWS picture and give that info and do none of the rest. i truly wonder how time you spend (i would say 'waste' but that's just my opinion) on putting together a post like that.

the EWS thing did come to mind, but i don't hold Google searches/the internet as Grail.
knowing some people here are Kubrick fanatics i decided to skip the rat race and see if someone actually knew instead of guessing.

post took 5 mins.

the fact you think it must take hours to do a google search and post the results suggests you are frighteningly incompetent at even the most basic tasks. no wonder time is more valuable to you than the rest of us. we have full use of our faculties which allow us to function easily in the world, to understand things, and to be able to type "kubrick" in the google search bar. we don't hav to struggle like you to remember how to breathe every single morning.

and "supposedly EWS"? jesus christ. you are one stupid cunt. it honestly wouldn't surprise me if you were a Sarah Palin fan. honest to god, you are that stupid. and because it is becoming apparent you must have some mental problem, i will try to go easy on you, but you hav to accept that there exist some things known as FACTS, REASON, RATIONALITY. here's proof, again, because i feel sorry for you:

that's the video kubrick prepared when he accepted the DGA lifetime achievement award. as he says in the video, in his own words from his own mouth which you can see with your own eyes (do you doubt them too??) it took place while he was filming Eyes Wide Shut. and just look at what he's wearing.

sorry to disappoint you, it's just a blue shirt with white buttons.

i voted for obama, but i don't really see how that is related to Kubrick or your opinion of what interests me enough to post about.

it doesn't take long to Google, it does however take long to verify something (anything) on the internet as fact.

i didn't expect it to be a flamboyant t-shirt with zig zags and designs (like the Shining carpet) it just seemed an interesting (very minute) detail in an interesting person's life to me.

i read the RT article, copied and pasted it and that was that. i didn't sit and ponder on it.

if you see a bigideas post, the best thing would be to just not waste time reading it.

if the consensus of the board is that a post i started is a waste of space, have a moderator PM me before anyone replies and i'll delete it.
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Reply #22 on: December 09, 2009, 02:29:56 PM
Three Wolf Moon, guys.  For real.  It's his power animal.
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