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The Wes Anderson Film Festival trailer
« on: May 13, 2009, 12:48:50 PM »
Watch This: Great Trailer for Fake Wes Anderson Film Festival
by Erik Davis; Cinematical

I guess the one downside to this entire video is that there isn't really a Wes Anderson Film Festival in Austin, Texas on October 2nd of this year. Even though I probably wouldn't have traveled all the way to Austin to watch a marathon of Anderson's films up on the big screen, it still would've been a cool event to promote to those of you Anderson fans in and around the Austin (which should probably change its name to Awesome and be done with it already) area. But let me back up for a minute ...

Film school students Alex Cornell and Phil Mills were given an assignment to shoot a commercial for a fictional film festival, and they had the freedom to do whatever so long as their commercial promoted the fictional film festival and stayed true to their brand. I'll let Alex take over from here (from his blog post): "There were a multitude of directions this could take; we thought the most fun way would be to shoot a Royal Tenenbaums-esque short, and then just throw as much craziness as we could at it. Phil plays T. Allen Fenway, a fictional character we made up to live in our Wes Anderson film festival world. We wanted it to remind you of Wes Anderson, make you laugh, and eventually turn you on to the festival. The 3rd person narrator, use of Futura Bold for all titles, extravagant setting, and full blown randomness were all utilized to aid in conjuring this look and feel."

Check out the commercial below, and head on over to this blog for more on how they put this together:
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