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Other actors/directors/etc. who mention PTA

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Reply #225 on: January 03, 2019, 08:45:06 PM
Dude had PTA at his 30th birthday. Just...motherfucker.
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Reply #226 on: Yesterday at 09:27:15 PM
Robert Elswit Compares His Relationship with Paul Thomas Anderson To A “Bad Marriage”
via The Playlist

There are few richer collaborations in contemporary cinema between a director and their cinematographer than Paul Thomas Anderson and Robert Elswit. The pair worked together from Anderson’s debut, “Hard Eight,” all the way through “Inherent Vice,” with Elswit picking up a much-deserved Academy Award for their penultimate film together, “There Will Be Blood”. In a recent episode of the “Light the Fuse” podcast, hosts Charles Hood and Playlister Drew Taylor share the second half of their interview with the director of photography, where he discusses his work on the “Mission: Impossible” films as well as his collaborations with Anderson. Cinephiles who loved the look of their pictures together will be heartbroken to hear that the chances of them working together in the future are slim.

God, I don’t know what it is anymore,” Elswit said about the process with Anderson. “It’s like a bad married couple. Unpleasant.” When Taylor asks if they’re going to get back together, the cinematographer responds, “I don’t know. Probably not. You know, it depends on how he feels. I would do it again . . .I didn’t enjoy myself on ‘Inherent Vice’ . . . It was a combination of me and Paul just not getting along, and I can be as immature as him.


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Reply #227 on: Yesterday at 10:31:57 PM
"If you two get divorced, can I live with Papa Paul...?  Can I see Daddy Bob every other weekend, or something?"
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Reply #228 on: Yesterday at 11:29:16 PM
That's a shame. Perhaps on IV, PTA felt confident in his abilities to the point where he didn't need to rely entirely on Elswit's advice, so they had some disagreements. Or they simply just didn't get along.

Anyway, he said this last year: "Elswit was nice enough to work with me and teach me everything. He was and is my hero. "


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Reply #229 on: Today at 06:56:10 AM
Maybe Elswit was saying "Paul, maybe we should move the fucking camera and have some establishing shots!".