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Phantom Thread Press Embargo Slip?

--- Quote ---Apart from the possibility of three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis in Paul Thomas Anderson’s equally uneven “Phantom Thread,” winning his fourth Academy Award, there is no one is more deserving of the industry’s top prize this year than Oldman. The only thing that could torpedo his chances right now is the film itself which is not nearly as impressive as its leading man.
--- End quote ---

I haven't seen the Oldman film yet, but I certainly didn't think Thread was "uneven".

Hint of Phantom Threads wider-release schedule?  (At least in Canada?)

--- Quote ---Fortunately, there is a reliable supply of December releases likely to make the cut, at least in larger cities. Winnipeggers, alas, are obliged to endure the platform releases of likely contenders into the new year. Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread, for example, releases only in New York and Los Angeles on Christmas Day and even those pampered Torontonians will have to wait till Jan. 12 to see Anderson’s anticipated second collaboration with Daniel Day-Lewis, set in the world of fashion.
--- End quote ---

Another masterpiece from Anderson. One of his best, according to the reviews thus far.

Fuzzy Dunlop:
Birth.Movies.Death ( :yabbse-thumbup:)

I'm curious:  How many of you will avoid reading reviews before you have a chance to see the film yourself?   How many of you feel like you've already read too much about the film?

I've seen the film, and am starting to read the reviews...and feel like knowing the least about the film possible would make for a more satisfying experience.  YMMV.

[edit]  In fact, I've just decided I'm going to stop reading them until after I've seen the film a second time...

I've read tweets. And I do feel like it's too much. But I'm unable to do a full blackout. It's the first I haven't watched the trailer/am not reading reviews. That combo can spoil the first viewing: creating expectations. You're waiting for bits.


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