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I tried to translate some of my poems. it's the first time I try to do this and they are probably filled with typos and strange sentences.
thought it would be fun to share anyway...

strobe light

take my hand
give me your lips of golden pleasure
purer than heroin
let me feel the rhythm of the music
in your trembling body

take my heart
let us forget everything
under the same flashing sky
feel the lies of the night
between our ribs

take me in your hand
make me hard

lead me to a place

I can feel something

and I'll take you to a dawn
worth dying for
and wake you up to a tomorrow
worth living for

untitled I

I'm your bridge
lying on my back

over trembling nights

see me flinch
feel me dissolve

I'm yours
just yours

to rape

untitled II


you are sunshine in my veins
you are

69 love songs on repeat

you are

untilted III

have a drink with me tonight
I need
to see my existence in a different light
and you are an expert
on escaping reality

have a drink with me tonight
take me where your meat
is the most sensitive, let me
the glittering droplets

I need you
need to feel something else

than myself

perhaps/perhaps not

who can really tell when
or how
everything went so bad 
maybe it was a choice
we did
to let our legs give up
and the world
like an abscess
between our fingertips
maybe it's a choice
we do
to get lost
just so we can forget
who we
really are
and who can really tell
perhaps we have
all the time in the world
to change direction
some day
maybe not today 
but soon
perhaps tomorrow
perhaps never
perhaps it
doesn't really matter
in the end anyway

and who knows, maybe
we can do everything
we want
became a chapter
in the history books
with words like razor blades
in their hearts,
remain heroes
tomorrow maybe
it will happen, my friend
'll just gonna do
the paperwork first
and perhaps we
take the train to gothenburg
and then the bus 
to the airport
and escape the world
from there
perhaps tomorrow
perhaps never
perhaps it
doesn't really matter
in the end anyway

and who can really tell when
or how
this ride will end
if there is a life
after this
perhaps it's just
a long trip
to nothing
and perhaps it
doesn't really matter
if we die or burn forever


Oh, I enjoyed them a lot! You have a way to find the simplest and most effective way to deep feelings. Good highway to words.

Thanks for the response! I tried to translate some new ones:


She comes back after a few hours, wearing a green hat with red feathers and big yellow sunglasses and it's probably her tenth change of clothes tonight and this time she seems to have lost her pants and panties along the way because you can see her cunt swirl underneath the washed out t-shirt,
I look at her- the hair is lying like thin white stripes over her sharp pale shoulders and she's looking across the room for new kicks or something new to do and I gaze over the tattoos that crawls across her legs and arms as though they could rise from her skin and leave her aging body

Where were you, my princess of chaos- where were you when the techno music vibrated like an orgasm across the city and the darkness of the night?
Where were you when the techno music made love to our ears, and the ears embraced the sound waves as if it were the answer to all our questions - oh the techno music!
The techno music that sank through our skin and entered our bodies and refused to leave until we had danced ourself clean and free from meaningless nothingness
Tell me, my princes of chaos, where were you when the music sang
 just for you?

We have locked ourselves inside of Hassan's apartment and everyone seems crazy and I'm trying to recall if they where crazy when we got her or if it happened along the way and the conversations cracks like fireworks across the tables and she jumps back and forth, and disappears for a while, and then come back again, always with new clothes and new characters she's testing and she's so puzzlingly beautiful in her rawness and her imperfect perfection - and the most amazing thing about her standing in the doorway is that she's standing in the doorway and she smiles when she says that we must destroy ourselves at every chance we get
that the bottles must be emptied and the zip bags must be emptied and that we must do everything that makes us feel alive and forever young we must live,
forever young we must die

And I wonder, my princess of chaos, where you were when I exploded in a violent burst across the sky and fell like dust over the streets and bars and empty faces of the indifferent population
Where were you when my life, which I loved so dearly - penetrated me like a spear through the vampire's chest and turned me into a prisoner inside my white painted walls and ceiling- they contained my room, they contained me, my life
Where were you when the day reached through the window blinds like tentacles from a clear blue sky, reached out to me like fat fingers across the walls
Tell me, my princess of chaos, where you've been throughout my life and you answer: "I came here as fast as I could,
now I just have to leave"


during the cold of december 
when semen fell from a pornographic sky
soaked in pleasure
she attacked every night
like the lions of the African savannah
and even though
she left her trophies- as chewed up meat
along the streets of the city;

I followed her
to the last stop of the night 
where I put my head into the guillotine
and asked her
what she was waiting for


you held him inside of you
until his cock broke into pieces
between your pink
gate of flesh

you held him inside of you
until you pushed his body parts away
like ping pong balls
in bangkok's red light districts

you held him inside of you
and felt a part of you die
when he left
your body


in the burnt light of the waiting room
you are all equals;

like statues of meat, arranged neatly
you wait quietly


underneat the famous silence of the sky
you held her close and fucked her
for the last time;

the unborn children
that ran down the insides of her thighs
was forgotten
in the southeastern corner of the park


for a brief moment
I saw her coat dance in the wind
more beautiful than a 60s photograph
of Jean Seberg, suddenly
she was gone
like a cigarette tossed from a passing car
bouncing off a wall at midnight
and I promised myself to never again
fall for someone
who can hold the sky- as if it were a rug
and shake down the stars



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