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Some of these you may have seen before, some may be brand new to someone else.  Thought it'd be good to have one place for these things.  Anything to wake the dead, right?  The Arclight thing I hadn't seen before, but it's not incredibly interesting.  The one with Figgis, it's just amusing to see him scarf down that pizza and wax poetic about porn even more than previously thought possible.  I've probably seen the BoogieRose interview a long time ago.  The others, not as sure, though they might have poked up around here on occasion.  They've made a recent appearance on YouTube, and I just "re-discovered" them myself.  Relevant:

By Mike Figgis, Hollywood Conversations, circa 1998

Charlie Rose, circa Boogie Nights

Charlie Rose, circa Magnolia

Charlie Rose, circa Punch-Drunk Love, with Adam Sandler

Charlie Rose, circa There Will Be Blood, with Daniel Day-Lewis

PTA at the Arclight, circa There Will Be Blood

And of course: cigsnvines channel -
Contains Henry Rollins Interview pre-There Will Be Blood, some Fiona stuff, and some miscellany.

Years ago, I found a streaming video, Real Media format or something, of an interview PT did with some kind of local news station, I think around the time of Magnolia. The interview takes place in some kind of small set, and both he and the reporter are standing as they talk. Never was able to find it again. Any of you know what the fuck I'm talking about?

wilderesque, I know the interview that you're talking about alright (I think I posted it here at some point)....I think the website that hosted the stream went kaput and the video disappeared....which is a shame since it was an interesting little interview. hopefully it resurfaces somewhere.

anyway, here's another q&a w/pta (at Arclight again, not my video) this time as a guest speaker for the Harvard-Westlake (high school) film festival....random story of mine to go with it: I was originally going to see Shine A Light that evening at Arclight but as I made my way into the place I saw posters for the festival with paul's name on them so I blagged tickets from the check-in lady just as she was packing up and got in right as it was starting up....I met him after, said hello and shook his hand....couldn't have planned it better.... (also, robert elswit was one of the judges)

Alright I found part of that interview. Guess I recorded it with some terrible free software that only let me save the first 1:15...then it cuts off. The full interview was longer than this.

Uploaded at: the point that it cuts off, I think he says something like "that's where I was at that time..." I don't know. He said that somewhere, always stuck with me. Gives you the confidence to make something that feels true to you at a specific point in your life, even if you aren't sure whatever you're thinking will be something that you permanently believe in.

good idea for a thread. I haven't seen the early Charlie Rose ones yet, or at the arclight. thx


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