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Title: Justice League
Post by: MacGuffin on August 22, 2007, 02:07:15 PM
JLA Casting Update
Now hiring: new Batman and Superman.

It appears that Warner Bros. is moving ahead with their planned live-action Justice League of America movie, with casting reportedly set to commence shortly for an early 2008 start date.

According to Moviehole.net, "Brandon Routh and Christian Bale won't be starring as Superman and Batman, respectively, in the Justice League movie -- but they will both still be starring in the stand-alone Superman and Batman sequels. So don't fret fans, there will only be a new Bats and Supes for the team-up movie."

Bale informed IESB.net that he hasn't been approached about playing Batman in JLA, adding, "It'd be better if (JLA) doesn't tread on the toes of what we're doing, though I feel that it would be better if it comes out after Batman 3."

Moviehole also reported that a "casting director for the movie will be onboard next week and it's then that they'll be going after their tighted strongmen."
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Cory Everett on August 22, 2007, 02:24:36 PM
i know theres an emoticon for this, i'm just not sure what it is.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: RegularKarate on August 22, 2007, 03:43:03 PM
I think it would be hilarious if Bale and Routh (Bale especially) DID agree to be in the movie.

I'm both amazed and not surprised at all that this movie's going to get made.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: MacGuffin on August 22, 2007, 04:01:29 PM
Slow Down Betty! Justice League to be a CGI/Mo Cap Film?!       
Source: IESB
We have just received an interesting email that indicates the Justice League of America film might be headed to the world of Motion Capture!
I wasn’t sure about the validity of the email, so I went in search of some confirmation. I got it. I got confirmation from several sources from ILM to Rhythm and Hues that said the same thing. From what we are hearing, there may be some truth to this, but again, right now it’s a rumor and we will post final confirmation if this is true or not when we have it.

This would also explain how The Dark Knight films would continue on, same goes for Superman.

Also, this explains the quick casting starting next week and the speedy production date of first quarter 2008. But, mo-cap films take a lot of time, so this may not be ready by Summer 2009 like a traditional film would be. Are we looking at Summer of 2010 or 2011? This would give time for the Batman and Superman sequels. Plus with George Miller's success with singing pigs and dancing penguins, It finally all makes sense! But who knows!

This would put our League of Superheroes in a world much like Paramount’s Beowulf or Cameron's Avatar, where they could hire any actor they wanted and tweak and change them accordingly.

Here is the email with the information that was sent in and stay tuned as we expect to get more news shortly! Again, it's a rumor until we bring you final confirmation -

I'm in Europe on business right now, but managed to check my email (filled to the brim with spam of course) and noticed a very interesting message from a contact over at Sony Imageworks.

It seems that although they did cgi work on Superman Returns, there has been no talk of them coming back to work on the sequel. However, and take this with a grain of salt, Imageworks are apparently in the running to provide services on the JLA film, competing with R&H and possibly WETA (the latter being unconfirmed).

But the real interesting thing about this is that the contract is for an all-cgi "photo-real" motion capture movie, much like the upcoming Beowulf.

This is unsurprising, given George Miller's recent track record with the likes of Happy Feet, and motion capture cgi would certainly account for the casting sessions that are supposedly starting next week, meaning that Miller can cast actors rather than faces for the roles, use their performances and tweak things as he sees fit.

Now a real-looking cgi JLA does seem likely, but I wonder what will become of Man of Steel given that Imageworks won't be returning for that project. I know there were some rumblings within the company that Singer wasn't satisfied with their work on Returns and is looking elsewhere for the sequel (ILM would be my preferred choice...but can Singer afford them?) and with Spider-Man 4 on hold (another Imageworks project), a mo-cap JLA would become their only major project for the next few years.

I just wonder if JLA might end up being pushed back....these cgi films take a long time to make, and a photo-real cgi JLA movie is quite a big project.

I'll try to find out more when I get back to the States,

Jawa Juice
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: MacGuffin on September 20, 2007, 05:01:45 PM
George Miller to lead 'Justice League'
WB moves ahead with bigscreen adaptation
Source: Variety
Warner Bros. is moving aggressively ahead with the bigscreen adaptation of DC Comics’ “Justice League of America,” with George Miller on board to direct.

Project, which is the initial phases of casting, is a pre-strike priority for the studio, which needs a superhero tentpole in 2009.

Still, making all the pieces fit has been complicated by overlapping superhero projects in the pipeline, since “Justice League” features a pantheon of superheroes, including Superman and Batman.

Batman and Superman are active properties for the studio, though the next installment in the Superman franchise has taken a backseat to “Justice League” in part because Warners is so keen on the “Justice League” script by Kieran and Michele Mulroney.

“Justice League” will likely feature the characters of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Aquaman.

Warners is in the preliminary phases of casting for “Justice League.” Several sources close to the project said that Christian Bale, star of the revived Batman film franchise, and Brandon Routh, star of Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns,” would probably not appear in the movie.

However, helmer Chris Nolan, current steward of the “Batman” franchise for the studio, would prefer that Warners delay “Justice League” until after he finishes “Batman” projects in development; Bale has also let his uneasiness about “Justice League” be known.

To work around these issues, the studio explored making “Justice League” as an animated film or with motion capture, but all indications are that the film will be special-effects driven live action.

The project is so complicated -- and casting dependent -- that even those deeply involved in the project are holding their breath until production begins.

“They’re working very hard to get it to happen,” said one party close to the project. “But there are so many characters it’s complicated.”

It was for this very reason that many believed Warners would move ahead first with a follow-up to Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns.” Singer, however, is busy with Tom Cruise starrer “Valkyrie.”

Miller has a warm relationship with Warners. He last helmed “Happy Feet,” which generated $379 million worldwide box office for the studio.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: MacGuffin on September 25, 2007, 01:19:58 AM
Jessica Biel in Talks for Justice League!
Source: Variety

Jessica Biel is in talks to play Wonder Woman in Warner Bros.' all-star superhero film Justice League of America, reports Variety.

The potential deal marks the first piece of casting to emerge from the DC Comics-based ensemble project, which is expected to feature Superman, Batman, the Flash and Aquaman in addition to Wonder Woman.

George Miller (Happy Feet) will direct the big screen adaptation. Kieran and Michele Mulroney wrote the script.

Biel is filming the indie drama Powder Blue, which wraps in October, opposite Forest Whitaker. She will then segue to A Woman of No Importance, based on the play by Oscar Wilde. That leaves room on the actress' schedule for "Justice League," which Warner is fast-tracking as a project before any potential strikes. However, the film's likelihood hinges on the studio's ability to assemble a cast of superheroes in a small window of time.

The trade says the studio declined comment, saying that it prefers to announce an entire cast rather than piecemeal deals.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: matt35mm on September 25, 2007, 02:39:52 AM
George Miller's involvement has certainly gotten me more interested in this movie than I would've been otherwise.

I like George.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: MacGuffin on September 28, 2007, 04:17:05 PM
Biel Not Wonder Woman!
Reportedly passes on JLA role.

Seems like Warner Bros. and director George Miller are back to square one when it comes to casting their upcoming live-action Justice League of America movie. Just days after the news broke that she was in talks for the film comes word that Jessica Biel won't be playing Wonder Woman after all.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Biel has passed on the role of the Amazonian superhero. The hunt continues for the right actress to play the part. JLA is looking to go before cameras in early 2008.

In other casting buzz, IESB.net claims that "Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. aka T.I. (American Gangster, A.T.L.) has recently read for the role of Green Lantern/John Stewart."

T.I. plays the nephew of Denzel Washington's drug lord character Frank Lucas in the forthcoming Ridley Scott-directed American Gangster.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: MacGuffin on December 05, 2007, 10:45:57 AM
Adam Brody to play the Flash?
But Warner Bros., which has not confirmed, says 'Justice League' hasn't gotten a green light yet.
By Gina Piccalo, Los Angeles Times

Adam Brody has closed negotiations to play the Flash, the super-fast superhero in director George Miller's "Justice League of America," a source close to the deal said Tuesday. Warner Bros. Pictures, however, won't confirm the news, saying the film still hasn't been green-lighted.

The studio is expected to hold off on an announcement until all the roles are cast and a splashy news conference can herald the return of the beloved series. "Justice League of America" is one of Warner Bros.' highest-priority films right now, with an anticipated 2009 release.

Rampant speculation over which celebrities will don tights erupted almost immediately after Miller announced auditions for the leading roles in October, indicating that he wanted "actors who can grow into their super-roles."

Brody, best known as the heartthrob on "The O.C.," joins Australian supermodel Megan Gale, who was reportedly cast as Wonder Woman, apparently beating out Jessica Biel for the part.

Among the other young actors rumored to have been cast are "Friday Night Lights' " Scott Porter as Superman and "Wolf Creek's" Teresa Palmer as Talia al Ghul -- a recurring love interest for Batman. Common (a.k.a. John Stewart) was rumored to be playing the Green Lantern.

The film, which is based on the DC Universe comic first published in 1960, features a team of crime-fighting superheroes, including Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Superman.

The movie opens with the funeral of Barry Allen, the second Flash, whose era dated from 1956 to 1986, according to Slashfilm.com. Brody plays his nephew, who, at age 10, was exposed to electrically charged chemicals while visiting his uncle's police laboratory. The boy donned his uncle's uniform to become a young crime fighter known as Kid Flash. As an adult, the Flash has superhuman reflexes that allow him to violate some laws of physics.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: MacGuffin on January 17, 2008, 01:24:26 AM
No 'Justice' for Warners
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Warner Bros. has disbanded its "Justice League."

The George Miller-helmed project, featuring the DC Comics A-list superheroes in live-action flesh, has officially been grounded. The studio is citing script issues as the cause.

The feature was to have been a tentpole special effects extravaganza for Warners. Word leaked in the fall that the script, by Kieran Mulroney and Michele Mulroney, was good but that subsequent passes, including the latest by Miller, had pacing issues and took the project in directions the studio wasn't happy with. With the writers strike, the studio decided it was best to wait to iron out the problems.

Also adding to the woes were questions of tax-incentive qualifications in Australia, where Miller was prepping to shoot. The project's costs were escalating, and the script would need an overhaul if the movie didn't qualify for discounts.

The decision to put the project on hold now frees up the actors who had been cast in the roles of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash. D.J. Cotrona, Adam Brody, Anton Yelchin, Common, Teresa Palmer and Megan Gale had been cast in the movie in November, with their holding deals extended at least once as the studio tackled the script problems. The extensions expired Tuesday, after which a pay-or-play situation would have taken effect. The studio is not afraid of losing the actors because playing iconic superheroes in "Justice" is seen as a starmaking turn.

"Justice's" delay is considered good news for Christopher Nolan's camp. Nolan is in post on "The Dark Knight," the sequel to "Batman Begins," and is said to have been unhappy with the "Justice League" movie because its version of Batman (to have been played by Armie Hammier) clashed with his (Christian Bale). Nolan has been resisting directing a third "Batman" movie, though the studio would relish the possibility and could begin heavy courting.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: MacGuffin on December 01, 2008, 10:19:05 AM
George Miller Officially Off Justice League
Source: Superhero Hype

Dark Horizons reports that filmmaker George Miller appeared on Sydney-based morning talk show "Sunrise" on Monday and confirmed he's no longer involved with the Justice League movie in any capacity.

Miller indicated that if the project does get going again, he expects that it'll be recast as "the studios seem to want bigger stars in their superhero movies now."
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Stefen on December 01, 2008, 10:21:55 AM
This comic book movie fad is lasting alot longer than I thought it would. It's going on 10 years almost.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: MacGuffin on August 09, 2012, 08:29:51 AM
Ben Affleck On ‘Justice League?’ His Camp Says No

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff lately that has been of questionable substance, and I’m calling bullshit on this big Variety scoop today that implies Warner Bros will get Ben Affleck as director of its Justice League film. This is a story I checked out days ago, and didn’t run when Affleck’s reps stated that it was not going to happen with him. Now, it makes sense that Warner Bros would offer Affleck the project. Chris Nolan is top man over there, but after three Batfilms and after producing the Superman reboot Man of Steel, he’s gotten spandex-clad protagonists out of his system. After Nolan, the studio then offers everything else to Harry Potter director David Yates (who is now keen on Tarzan) and Affleck, who has become a major director with Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and the upcoming Argo. Just because the studio wants Affleck doesn’t mean he will do the movie, and several sources tell me he might take a meeting, but that’s it.

After putting his acting career in the dumper with questionable choices like Gigli, Affleck admirably scripted a second act for himself with his writing and directing skills, and did it by taking on unexpected, thoughtful films. His reps clearly denied he would take this, and why would he want to direct a Justice League movie, unless he himself had figured out a way to make one that would compare favorably with Joss Whedon’s billion dollar Marvel smash The Avengers? I don’t see it. As my old agent/manager pal Michael Black used to say sometimes when I came at him breathlessly with an important but dubious package involving one of his clients, “Don’t dress for that premiere, darling.”
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: MacGuffin on August 26, 2012, 03:54:06 PM
Exclusive : two other names on the Justice League director wish-list
Source: Moviehole

Warner Bros has a smallish list of directors they’re talking to about “Justice League”, the long-proposed superhero team-up movie (including new comic-book bed-buddies Superman and Wonder Woman! Can you believe that!? Way to sell a comic book to a woman though, DC!) that they’ve been planning since… well, George Miller couldn’t get it going.

Ben Affleck’s name is on that list, we know that. And we also know that Affleck’s not every keen on doing the picture – sadly, he would’ve donated much gravitas to it. But Ben’s too busy doing his own thing right now, putting together the kind of unique, original dramas that win filmmaker’s Oscars.

That means one of the other names on the list will likely get the gig. Haven’t seen the list, nor do I know all the names on it, but I’ve heard whisperings of two other names on the wish-list.

As most know, I’m now a partner in a global PR firm that specializes in event management and digital marketing of talent in-front-of and behind the camera. This bit of news came courtesy someone we’ve been working with – someone who would likely have a better chance at getting a glass to a door at WB than most of us. So here goes…

Lana and Andy Wachowski.

What I’m told is Warner Bros are apparently jazzed with “Cloud Atlas”, and love that it’s as much a spectacle as it is a showcase for the immense ensemble involved, so it makes sense the W’s are under consideration. “Justice League” needs to be as big on character, as it does bells & whistles, and the Wachowski’s could probably offer that.

The directing duo have also gave the studio one of their most successful film trilogies of all time, “The Matrix” trio (I won’t mention “Speed Racer”).

Quite a few reasons why WB would consider the directing duo a viable option for “Justice League”, but would Lana and Andy even consider it? Hard to say. They definitely like to work at their own speed, and definitely like to do their ‘own’ thing as opposed to being merely one ‘cog’ in a venture, so I can’t see them jumping through hoops to pull the strings on a ‘we want it done now’ large corporate statement like this. Still, exciting possibility nonetheless.

The Wachowski’s have considered comic book films before (and they’ve done one of their better graphic novel cum film adaptations in “V for Vendetta”). They toyed with a “Plastic Man” movie for a while there, and it’s rumoured they were in the running to do “Man of Steel” – or an incarnation of a ‘Superman’ reboot’ – before the studio went with Zack Snyder. So the twosome definitely do shy away from men-in-tights movies.

(It’d also mean Hugo Weaving would be an easy score for one of the villains. Hmm.. wonder what he’d look like bald!?)

… though, personally, my vote is still with Ruben Fleischer.
“Justice League” is being written by “Gangster Squad” scribe Will Beale.
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Post by: MacGuffin on November 27, 2012, 08:22:39 AM
Rumor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Set to Play Batman in 2015′s JUSTICE LEAGUE, Maybe Even Earlier
Source: Collider

Justice League is coming in 2015, which is sooner than you think.  Just last year, Zack Snyder said his Superman movie Man of Steel has nothing to do with Justice League, and Batman curator Christopher Nolan has no plans to get involved.  With DC’s two biggest superheroes on their own separate tracks, it was unclear just how and when Warner Bros. would start building up to Justice League over the next three years.  The answer may have come today in the form of the obvious: they already started.  Snyder now recognizes that the Superman you see in Man of Steel is almost certainly the same alien you will see in Justice League.  A new report suggests that you have already seen the new Batman, and he is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I apologize to those of you who are still waiting to see The Dark Knight Rises (specifically my brother), but we need to dive into TDKR spoilers here.

The last scene in the movie shows humble cop John Blake (Gordon-Levitt) inheriting the Batcave on a clear path to succeed Bruce Wayne as the new Batman now that the old Batman is “dead.”  I buy that Nolan wanted this moment as a thematic capper to his trilogy  with no particular interest in setting up the future of the franchise.  But how could WB pass up this opportunity to directly tie the next iteration of Batman to Nolan’s ultra-successful series?  So of course it makes sense that the studio would approach Gordon-Levitt about continuing the role after Dark Knight Rises, probably long before today.

The difference now is that, according to Motion/Captured, Gordon-Levitt is close to a deal that would lay out the long-term plan for JGL as Batman.  As per this August rumor, it’s very possible that they’ll wait until Justice League in 2015 to reintroduce Batman.  But M/C, after speaking to sources to put together the report, has reason to believe we will see Gordon-Levitt as Batman earlier than that.  From there, it’s all speculation, and I’m sure you can picture it.  There is only one major DC feature between now and Justice League, and it’s not that hard to shoot one of those post-credit scenes for Man of Steel where Superman gets a call on the Batphone from a mysterious figure who needs help against a powerful foe…

Too much heresay at this point, sadly.  Surely we will learn more concrete details on Justice League and the greater DC/WB partnership leading up to the June 2013 release of Man of Steel.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Sleepless on November 27, 2012, 03:48:03 PM
While I'm excited at the prospect of JGL cowling up, you just know there's going to be a massive backlash from fanboys if this is true. John Blake cannot be Batman. Bruce Wayne is Batman. End of.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Sleepless on March 04, 2013, 10:48:00 AM
I've been following the news/rumors for the Justice League movie quite a bit the past few months. To catch you up: it's expected to release in summer 2015, and there's supposed to be a Wonder Woman movie released before that (summer 2014?) The latest rumors suggest the cast of superheroes are predictably going to be the five DC characters most people have heard of: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Notice Aquaman is conspicuously absent, which contrasts sharply with earlier rumors that the script being developed made significant use of Aquaman and Atlantis. As for who is going to be Batman, JGL is still a contender, but Armie Hamer's name has also come up a lot. Another rumor broke over the weekend that Christian Bale might actually sign up for a fourth film as Batman (http://www.newsarama.com/film/justice-league-movie-rumors.html) (wonder is JGL will turn up as Robin/Nightwing if that is true). The big news, though, is that Christopher Nolan is now in charge of all DC movies at Warner Bros. This is good news, as DC always said they were using Nolan's realistic approach to Batman (and Superman) as their inspiration for their new wave of DC movies, so that their tone and style will be very different from Disney's Marvel movies which are very much comic-booky and cartoony.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Pubrick on March 04, 2013, 02:43:48 PM
thanks for the catch up, i just read the last page and i'll definitely tune in for future developments, this stuff is intriguing!

just one thing though:

Nolan's realistic approach to Batman

...was blown to shit on TDKR. there is nothing realistic about that film, even by his own standards.

there, now we're all caught up.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Cory Everett on March 04, 2013, 03:26:53 PM
All three films have tons of comic-book elements. Plus Nolan never said he set out to make "realistic" Batman films and I don't think he was interested in that. He wanted to set these films in a world where these fantastic things would be almost believable but that doesn't mean they were meant to be "realistic" or "gritty" as is often attributed to him.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Sleepless on March 04, 2013, 04:40:20 PM
Okay, you're absolutely correct. I should have said that his and David Goyer's initial approach to both the Batman and Superman characters has been "what if this was real?" rather than the films themselves were "realistic." But you get my point about how WB's intended approach to the DC universe is very different from Disney's approach to the Marvel universe. They're at least attempting a pretense that this world they're building is based in reality, even if it diverges from that considerably later on in development. And I never said "gritty."
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: jenkins on March 04, 2013, 04:52:05 PM
weird convo. struggling to understand ideological rift between "believable" and "realistic" 'cause they strike me as synonyms. and how did he not intend for the things which characterize his work? is this pure semantics
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Pubrick on March 05, 2013, 12:03:30 AM
Dude, trash guy, I think you're autistic or something.

My post was a veiled attempt to shit on TDKR once again. Nothing more.  Mod realised this and came to its defense, all in vain as the movie will go down in history as the equivalent of seasons 11-onwards of The Simpsons, an utterly embarrassing ending to the franchise. So bad even the Academy ignored it despite being a box office success with supposed dramatic credibility (they did same to The Avengers but that could never be taken seriously, hence the main distinction being made here).

Sleep dude is just backing up his original assessment, which was fine, he just thinks he's being misunderstood.

There NOW we're caught up.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: jenkins on March 05, 2013, 12:53:23 AM
thanks for the gossip column but my curiosity extended beyond social posturing. was just kinda daydreaming about the division between realism and believability, which strikes me as a p good movie conversation tbh
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Cory Everett on March 05, 2013, 09:27:40 AM
P's right *but not about TDKR. I guess the distinction would be this: Nolan said he wanted to create a world where things like the Batmobile would be believable but that doesn't mean he's striving for absolute reality. It's obviously heightened and has comic book elements that separate it from some of the more grounded influences it might be pulling from. But what I can't understand is how his movies get held to a standard that nobody else would dream of putting on, say, "The Avengers" in regards to plausibility/reality/etc. It's ironic that people complain that his movies are both "too serious" and also "not realistic enough." (Not necessarily putting these opinions on you two, just venting against the general internet chatter.) And the Oscars ignoring it should be further proof that it'll stand the test of time.

My pitch was always that if you can believe in the Batmobile, if you can believe in this action set piece that involves a flying vehicle in “Dark Knight Rises,” it's much more exciting if you can believe in it. The dramatic credibility of the movie that we get by casting such incredible talents and then trying to give them scenes to play, and really play the logic of it with that underpinning, all of the more fanciful elements become more fun. They're more enjoyable, and they're more intense. So, to me, those things aren't mutually exclusive. That's my honest appraisal of what we're trying to do. The entertainment, I just find a rich big movie experience. You know when Hollywood does a great big blockbuster that really wraps you up in a world, and lets you believe in extraordinary things that move you in some way, in an almost operatic sensibility? That to me is the most fun I have at the movies. And that's what I'm trying to do for the audience.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: MacGuffin on April 28, 2014, 01:00:37 AM
Zack Snyder Locked For ‘Justice League’
As expected, WB has officially set its DC superhero team-up pic to follow Zack Snyder‘s Man Of Steel and its upcoming sequel Batman vs. Superman. Snyder will take the directing reins on Justice League after helming both previous films in the superhero series, WSJ confirms. Justice League will star Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the roles they’ve been tapped to fill for the Man of Steel sequel which is set to hit theaters on May 6, 2016. Justice League has no set release date yet.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: WorldForgot on July 22, 2017, 02:59:31 PM

Justice League (Nov 2017, supposedly) Dir. Zack Snyder (reshoots by Whedon)
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: jenkins on July 22, 2017, 04:10:25 PM
okay i watched the trailer and i'm pumped. i'm going to stop watching and reading things about this movie, which i've already decided will be the comic book movie i see this year. so starting now i'd like to save surprises for myself. the last dc movie i saw was The Dark Knight Rises, and that's because i was tricked. the last Zack Snyder movie i saw was Sucker Punch, that's because i own it, i adore it. Sucker Punch is the closest thing i've seen to an eastern-european type fantasy movie from hollywood. all the bells and whistles of hollywood, all the internal mania of eastern-eupropean fantasy movies. his story idea. he was raised in connecticut as a christian scientist and basically i find him fully astonishing. i think Joss Whedon will treat both him and Justice League with respect.

so i'm really excited and like i was alluding to, i won't be back in this thread until after i see the movie. it's all surprises for me from here
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: WorldForgot on July 22, 2017, 05:18:07 PM
i won't be back in this thread until after i see the movie. it's all surprises for me from here

Seeing as this trailed is PACKED and (kinda) overlong, I don't blame you!
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Gold Trumpet on July 22, 2017, 11:11:48 PM
I don't get the first reply.

This movie looks bad. No comment or interest in Zack Snyder but if Joss Whedon can work his rewrite and re-shoot magic, the film will be moving rotation of moments for every character looking cool and invincible in some underhanded moment of cute dialogue with some unsuspecting foe followed by them looking cool and invincible in some extreme action moment against either same foe or new one. The carousel will keep turning until the film gets to a point where all the characters will have to band together to look cool and invincible in some crazy moment against a foe seemingly invincible. Any other story in the film will be a long line of references to the other films or deeper comic book lore. These movies are bad enough that they are beyond relying on being good or well done in general film terms, they're instead relying on how far they can stretch pleasing the comic book crowd. If I was a fan of the comics, I would want what was good about the comics to just exist in the realm of comics and let the films be just films. Adaptation shouldn't have so much bending over and groveling as comic book movies try to do for comic stories.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Jeremy Blackman on July 23, 2017, 01:10:48 AM
The trailer is definitely calling out "hey look this is not super grim and we have jokes now!"

Jason Mimosa emerging from that building is some alarmingly unconvincing CG to put in a trailer.

The other effects look really crisp though, maybe better than Thor Ragnarok.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Fernando on July 23, 2017, 05:25:01 PM
Jason Mimosa emerging from that building is some alarmingly unconvincing CG to put in a trailer.


Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: RegularKarate on July 24, 2017, 10:07:35 AM
Girl Gadot
Jason Mimosa
and Ben Aflac
are Better than Ezra
The Justice Leak
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Jeremy Blackman on November 17, 2017, 11:51:31 PM
Got roped into seeing this tonight. I don't necessarily regret the experience, but this is definitely not a good movie. (Certainly makes me appreciate Ragnarok all the more.) The writing was abysmal from beginning to end. I physically cringed at some lines. There is nothing of substance here whatsoever.

Batman was meh. Robocop was meh. Wonderwoman was okay, Superman was kind of a highlight, and the Flash didn't not work. Aquaman, though... what's going on there? He's basically an ocean biker. They try to push his badassness so desperately that it becomes just more cringe.

The trailer is definitely calling out "hey look this is not super grim and we have jokes now!"

Jason Mimosa emerging from that building is some alarmingly unconvincing CG to put in a trailer.

The other effects look really crisp though, maybe better than Thor Ragnarok.

LOL nope. The effects in Justice League are either dark mud or just straight animation. And overall, none of it is all that interesting or fun. It's also astonishing to me that they haven't figured out how to convincingly animate basic things like a human figure leaping or tumbling around. The CGI feels unfinished.

That first street tussle with Batman was some of the worst fight choreography and action shooting that I've ever seen.

Almost forgot... the film begins with a shockingly bad cover of Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows." Ugh.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Lottery on November 18, 2017, 01:52:13 AM

I saw this gif and was gobsmacked. Is there more stuff like this in the actual finished film? How do the WB dudes look at this and say "yeah, this is satisfactory for our big flagship movie".
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: WorldForgot on November 18, 2017, 04:05:15 AM

Is there more stuff like this in the actual finished film?

It's mostly like this.

Couldn't stick around for the post-credits on this one. Aside from two good performances from Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller, I found it to be nonsense. Even worse than Batman v Superman or Man of Steel. It's as JB says, even the staging and composition of shots feels slipshod. A legion of supervillains at DC must have butchered this film to bits. You can tell it's much too short (and unfinished?). Definitely the production was rushed and two origin stories in the first act never culminate into their own, not really.

Why Steppenwolf and why like this? You're telling me Chris Terrio and Joss Whedon, between the two of them, can't conjure up one villain in the DC pantheon that could thematically bind these characters? I know Whedon was only on for reshoots but he could have patched up the threads that The Avengers achieved.

Seems like it went through the ringer.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: polkablues on November 18, 2017, 04:15:04 AM
The CGI in that gif is bad enough in and of itself, but on top of it, that's like "The Room"-level unconvincing greenscreen.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Drenk on November 18, 2017, 09:11:01 AM
The CGI in that gif is bad enough in and of itself, but on top of it, that's like "The Room"-level unconvincing greenscreen.

That's just the new normal.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Ravi on November 18, 2017, 11:10:06 AM
Everyone hates these DC movies, but people still see them, for some reason.

Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Jeremy Blackman on November 19, 2017, 01:20:00 AM
I remember thinking there was something weird going on with Superman's face. I had completely forgotten about the CGI mustache removal. It sort of looks like they subbed in a whole different mouth.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: jenkins on November 19, 2017, 08:08:44 PM
my context: including home viewings, streaming, and theatrical viewings, this was the 3rd comic book movie i'd seen in 5 years. my 1st from the recent DC movies. the last Zack Snyder movie i saw was Sucker Punch, i own the blu-ray. from way back, when i saw the Dawn of the Dead remake with my friends i laughed so loud, i remember dying.

Superman represents Hope and he goes missing. he couldn't remember why he'd be around. Batman is trying to conquer fear as always, his and the city's, that's his stye. now, the first sequence with Batman is my favorite visual representation of Gotham City ever. total Zack Snyder there. but Ben Affleck is like a hologram of Batman? and his butler, that actor i forget his name--they were both like holograms of those characters. luckily Batman is obviously fucked up so that makes sense. i like when Aquaman asked Batman, "what's going on in your weird head?" i thought the movie was kind of wondering why Ben Affleck was Batman, he couldn't figure it out either, and the the butler made it clear that they were actually holograms anyway.

i had wondered what Wonder Woman's super powers were, then she was like super powerful, and she defined herself by saying "I'm a Belieber (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyEuk8j8imI)." Wonder Woman was the team's emotional center. she is the one who met to chat with Cyborg. Cyborg is growing powers and trying to understand how to use them. the Cyborg actor had to be half-computer all the time. he was the perfect computer geek, having to be half-computer anyway. so the Flash got to be the total millennial. that was great. i don't think the Flash had a single serious line within the movie, and his most serious moment was when he watched Superman carry a house of people he saved after the Flash had pushed one truck. the Flash is all human nerve. i've heard it said he steals the movie. i forgot there's Aquaman too, he's the mellow male type. he's the cowboy.

so the supervillian is silly he's symbolic. the point is the world feels like shit and does anybody even want to do anything about it. Superman, as Hope, was a big deal, everyone needed him. but i cried 3x during the initial Amazon sequence, when the supervillain was revealed. i cried 1 when the Amazon was holding the falling slab of rock 2 out of confusion over the fallen horse 3 when the Amazons were coming down the hill. i was able to learn of Amazonian emotional strength, and learn of Wonder Woman. as far as i can tell, Wonder Woman represents clear-headed positivity toward others. while Aquaman represents cowboys like i said, and cowboys are like horses, to make them gallop you have to kick them.

so you've got 1 Wonder Woman who is a Belieber 2 Superman is Hope 3 Cyborg represents growing capabilities 4 Flash represents endless curiosities 5 Batman is in a dual battle with himself and the world, he's doing okay 6 Aquaman is the rational, which is reliable but not much else. they all have to work together. i was into it. i got to see what cutting edge Hollywood action scenes look like these days. oh man. you just can't make shit in your backyard anymore (old news). i think that, this far into his career, it's time to acknowledge that Zack Snyder isn't a screenwriter, he's a visual writer. and i'd say he creates Hollywood-type visuals indeed. like Bay. even better though. Snyder is crisp, real crisp. i've heard it said that Synder was needed for editing, and Whedon wasn't helpful. perhaps Whedon was too polite to Snyder, more than Snyder would be to himself, that's the basic complaint. i'm not a musical expert but i wasn't impressed by the score.

i liked this movie as much as i've liked any comic book movie i've ever seen. none of them are my favorite. this was perhaps the most visually memorable one i've seen.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: WorldForgot on November 20, 2017, 03:46:33 AM
this was perhaps the most visually memorable one i've seen.

 :oops: Raimi? Nolan? Scott Pilgrim v The World? I feel like even Snyder's Watchmen had better composition + staging during the action scenes than this mess.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: jenkins on November 20, 2017, 05:27:41 AM
Raimi and Nolan could fuck right off and i wouldn't bat an eye, if you gotta hear it.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Cory Everett on November 20, 2017, 08:19:12 AM
The upfront:
Lifelong DC Comics fan.
Mixed feelings about comic-book movies taking over the world.
Zach Snyder is more talented/distinctive/singular than he gets credit for.
BvS is one of the most unfairly maligned movies in recent memory. Not great but more interesting and ambitious than 90% of Marvel Studios films.

The bottom line:
Justice League is the worst comic book movie I've seen in 20 years, and maybe the worst I've ever seen.

Almost nothing about this film works. It's a visually hideous, narratively incoherent, tonally jarring, bungling of some of the best comic book characters of all time. A huge mess and a total waste of time and talent. But at least you don't have to wonder how this happened because that part is pretty clear.

I don't blame Snyder, I don't blame Whedon, I blame WB. And if you're even nominally a fan of these characters I don't see how this movie wouldn't make you angry at them for releasing this piece of shit. Reviewing this almost feels unfair, because the entire time it felt like I was watching an unfinished workprint (like when Wolverine was leaked years ago).

If Snyder had finished the movie, it may not have been great but it would have been finished. If WB cared at all about the quality of this film, they could've pushed the release date back a few months to March or May and given Snyder (or Whedon) time to finish the film. Instead they threw Whedon onto an unfinished film and said "do the best you can, the clock is ticking" and whatever state the movie was in come November, it was getting released. Pencils down. They literally didn't care what state it was in, as long as it came out this calendar year for whatever investors they had to appease.

I can't imagine Snyder watching this and feeling anything but sick at what they've released. In some sequences, like the opening fight on the rooftop, you can see that it could've been a cool stylized Snyder sequence but without the proper post-production work, it just looks like actors on a crappy set or in front of a greenscreen.

I'm sure Whedon also knows this is a piece of shit and I can't think of anyone less qualified to 'finish' a Snyder film on the VFX side. Every sequence of his is clearly a couple actors standing in front of a green screen quipping. Not exactly seamlessly integrated.

How on Earth WB didn't lay it down that Cavill had to shave his mustache and wear a fucking fake one for the remainder of Mission: Impossible 7 is BEYOND ME. A fake mustache is about a billion times less distracting than a fake SHAVED upper lip. This will be something that gets seized upon, and rightly so, but it's impossible to ignore.

Poor Henry Cavill. He could've been a good Superman if he had been given the chance. Instead he's killed off and brought back for almost no reason. In order to make this work (which it could have) this film just had to establish that after being demonized in BvS and sacrificing himself, thus becoming a martyr, his resurrection, while expected for the audience, should've at least been an emotionally satisfying moment and one that also established him as a true hero/Jesus to the public. No longer would he have to brood and be conflicted, he could've been more or less the true Superman symbol of hope. But unlike BvS this movie is so insular, that we get almost no sense of the outside world or anyone that exists outside of 5 Superheroes and Martha Kent, Lois Lane and Alfred. So instead of getting an emotionally resonant resurrection, we get a fucking gravedigging scene and half a scene of evil Superman fighting. Ugh.

Affleck cannot vacate this role quickly enough.

Flash could've been fun but not in this film.

Cyborg and Aquaman leave no impression.

If I were Gal Gadot I would be FURIOUS at WB for allowing this to happen. I would've been in that office on Monday morning going "never fucking again are you going to do that to me." If I were WB, I'd scrap everything but Gadot's Wonder Woman and start over. Burn it all down.

Final Thoughts:
Justice League makes BvS look like The Dark Knight. All the scorn aimed at that film should've been reserved for this.

It's a movie so awful, so lazy, so cynical, so incomplete, with such disregard for fans, that it made me hate comic book movies.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Drenk on November 20, 2017, 09:58:04 AM
Some people are blaming Whedon. I don't understand how you can not understand what hapenned or how you can imagine that a Snyder cut exists. The film was an unfinished mess and Whedon—a bad choice—had no time to finish it. I don't need to see it to know it probably doesn't work.

BvS is bad. Its ambition exists, but it's such nonsense that I don't see what is there to defend.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: jenkins on November 20, 2017, 11:24:51 AM
what's incoherent about the narrative?
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Drenk on November 20, 2017, 11:31:43 AM
I'm talking about Batman v Superman. Between the awkward scenes that were teasing Justice League and the nonsense about Superman being sad that he is saving the world or whatever (it's still better than his step-dad letting himself die instead of asking Clark to, like, save him in ten seconds) there is also nonsense about Superman being judged and framed and Lex Luthor doing...things...? And files on computers with teasers of the Justice League inside? From Lex Luthor? He works at WB?! :shock:

I haven't liked a super hero movie since Iron Man 3.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Robyn on November 20, 2017, 12:12:02 PM
This comic book movie fad is lasting alot longer than I thought it would. It's going on 10 years almost.

Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: jenkins on November 20, 2017, 12:47:00 PM
I'm talking about Batman v Superman. Between the awkward scenes that were teasing Justice League and the nonsense about Superman being sad that he is saving the world or whatever (it's still better than his step-dad letting himself die instead of asking Clark to, like, save him in ten seconds) there is also nonsense about Superman being judged and framed and Lex Luthor doing...things...? And files on computers with teasers of the Justice League inside? From Lex Luthor? He works at WB?! :shock:

I haven't liked a super hero movie since Iron Man 3.

i was referring to Justice League, which i mentioned in a previous post that was deleted for no apparent reason.

it's all good though. there's no way i'm bringing intensity into a conversation about a comic book movie. i believe the Justice League narrative was coherent.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Cory Everett on November 20, 2017, 05:00:01 PM
BvS is bad. Its ambition exists, but it's such nonsense that I don't see what is there to defend.

A lot, actually! We don't need to re-litigate it in this thread but I feel like most of the major criticisms of the film were pretty lazy and for the most part answerable/defensible in the context of a comic book film. (ie: Snyder is the worst, why can't this be more fun/why is this so dark?, why is Superman so mopey?, why is Lex's plan so convoluted?, etc.) I still feel like BvS is maybe a C+ overall (or a B- if you're super generous or a total DC Comics stan like me) but it was treated like it was an F and it really didnt' deserve it. Perhaps now that Justice League has been shat upon us, there will be a critical re-evaluation down the line.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Drenk on November 20, 2017, 05:03:15 PM
A critical reevaluation of a C+ movie?

But you're right that the whole debate about these movies being funny or not is maddening.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Cory Everett on November 20, 2017, 05:06:02 PM
I think the more and more these giant franchise movies are made by a committee with directors swapped out behind-the-scenes and producers/studios exerting more and more control over product, the more we will look back fondly on the time when something as crazy as BvS was even allowed to happen.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: Drenk on November 20, 2017, 05:08:52 PM
I agree that even if I don't remember a lot of BvS it was cool that it looked different.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: SamuelPa on December 01, 2017, 08:47:44 AM
I agree that even if I don't remember a lot of BvS it was cool that it looked different.

I have to say I didn't dig BvS one bit so I can't relate. Justice League, as basic as it is, is pretty decent. I was pleasently surprised.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: BB on December 02, 2017, 12:35:16 AM
A critical reevaluation of a C+ movie?

Haha, in retrospect, it wasn't terrible but it still sucked.

You've all convinced me to see this movie. I struggle to find the time to be as comprehensive as I used to be, so it's rare that I watch a comic book movie. Last one was probably BvS, which I thought was pretty crass but in an interesting way. It's actually kinda fun just dipping in and out of the big blockbuster world, so the changes in popular style seem more jarring. I couldn't believe there was a scene where a woman drinks pee. It was also very strange that they would advertise for the franchise so blatantly right in the middle of the film.  At times it was like watching a video game or a YouTube video, which is perfectly fine (it's all good and valuable) but a fascinating development of the form.

I'll probably see this and Ragnarok and I still haven't seen Logan. Damn super hero movies are fully a distinct genre now. They're like Westerns.
Title: Re: Justice League
Post by: lorenscope on January 02, 2018, 10:02:42 PM
I feel so bad for watching Justice League only because of Wonder Woman and the Amazons' part in this film. Steppenwolf vs Amazon got me really hooked on my seat but after that scene, the action felt lukewarm.