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Title: evolution
Post by: Reinhold on November 27, 2003, 09:57:10 PM
ever see a tape of yourself acting or something that you produced in high school or college, when you might have thought that you were the shit (or at least better than you were) and been surprised/embarassed/entertained to see how far you've come since then?

i was watching one of my teachers in a play that he did in high school and that my school will be doing in the fall-- he paused it several times to laugh at himself for being so amateur. anyone else had this experience?
Title: evolution
Post by: meatball on November 27, 2003, 11:37:43 PM
Title: evolution
Post by: mister mister on November 28, 2003, 12:14:00 AM
How many people here prefer acting to producing?

Will most people only act if its necessary (eg It's your film and you could get no one else).
Title: evolution
Post by: Reinhold on November 28, 2003, 12:30:26 AM
i love stage acting, but i can't stand being on camera. my experience is limited. i'm in high school. it's a noticeable difference, though, from freshman year to now. i never thought i was the shit, but there is still a difference. it's cool in a sort of "holy shit, i need to go destroy all recordings of that production and apologize to every audience member" way.