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Title: Lucky
Post by: wilberfan on January 03, 2018, 10:03:40 PM

The spiritual journey of a ninety-year-old atheist.

Director: John Carroll Lynch
Writers: Logan Sparks (screenplay), Drago Sumonja (screenplay)
Stars: Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, Ron Livingston
Title: Re: Lucky
Post by: ono on January 03, 2018, 10:35:42 PM
This looks so good.  It's already been out?

Seeing Lynch act in this just made me assume that Carroll Lynch was his son or something.  Not so.  He is the guy who played Drew's crossdressing brother on The Drew Carey Show.  So that's a kind of cool little bit of trivia.

I want to see this very much.  It just seems so relaxing.  It reminds me of Nebraska.  I don't know why.  It doesn't make much sense, and there was a big portion of Nebraska that infuriated me, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would but I digress.
Title: Re: Lucky
Post by: eward on January 03, 2018, 10:46:46 PM
Itís a beautiful film, perfect farewell from Harry Dean. David Lynch performs a monologue (SPOILER aboutatortoise END SPOILER) that moved me to tears. I forgot John Carroll Lynch was on the Drew Carey Show, I remember him best from Zodiac.
Title: Re: Lucky
Post by: Jeremy Blackman on January 03, 2018, 11:51:06 PM
Logan (2017)

Logan Lucky (2017)

Lucky (2017)
Title: Re: Lucky
Post by: wilberfan on January 04, 2018, 12:09:51 AM
Logan (2107)

Logan Lucky (2017)

Lucky (2017)

I had the identical thought a couple of hours ago.  Thanks for reading (and posting) my mind... 

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