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Title: La maman et la putain
Post by: Drenk on August 03, 2017, 12:31:33 PM
La Maman et la Putain


La maman et la putain (The mother and the whore) was released in 1973. It went to Cannes that year. It received le Grand Prix du Jury even though Ingrid Bergman, the president at the time, hated the movie.

People at Cannes used to say "La maman et la P." instead of the full title.

The movie is in black and white, filmed in 16mm, it lasts more than three hours. Directed by Jean Eustache, it is a very personal movie. What happens to Jean-Pierre Léaud happened to him.

It is deeply intimate. People can't stop talking in this movie. They talk and they talk and they talk. Do they mean what they're talking about? Are they playing a role? Anyway, they talk. It is mesmerizing.

It shows how lost people were after May 68. How people try to live or how they try to stop living.

Jean Pierre Léaud, Bernadette Lafont and Françoise Lebrun are heartbreaking. Some of the best performances I have ever seen.

Jean Eustache killed himself in 1981.

His son who possesses the rights of his father's movies is some kind of troll who doesn't want to make a DVD or a Blu-Ray because he's scared of not getting all the money he thinks he deserves. You can find a VHS rip. There is a 720p version on YouTube, but the english subtitles aren't on sync. I haven't checked all the torrents but I've seen some with english subtitles. I guess they are on sync. There is a version on YouTube subtitles in spanish. The quality isn't great.

720p french version

VHS rip with spanish subtitles

Title: Re: La maman et la putain
Post by: Sleepless on August 03, 2017, 03:27:58 PM
I totally misread this as La Madman et La Putin and thought it was a documentary about Trump's Russia connections.
Title: Re: La maman et la putain
Post by: Robyn on August 04, 2017, 09:56:29 AM
yes! it's a great one for sure. the dialogue is so good it feels like it's one and a half hour shorter.
regular lovers is also a great film in the same vein as this.
Title: Re: La maman et la putain
Post by: Drenk on August 04, 2017, 12:21:31 PM
Yep, the rythme of the movie is fascinating. I saw that a monologue lasted seven minutes and, even if I knew it was long, I didn't think it was that long. It also lets people listening to music without speaking without being boring. It's really special.