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Title: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: wilder on March 27, 2017, 06:00:36 PM
Cult Epics Launches Campaign to Fund Comprehensive Guide to Cult Cinema
via blu-ray.com

U.S. label Cult Epics has launched an Indigogo campaign to finance a comprehensive a deluxe book that will cover the wildest films it has distributed during the years.

Official statement from the label:

For 25 years, Cult Epics has distributed the most sought-after, obscure, provocative and previously unknown films to the home video market. To commemorate this anniversary, we want to produce a deluxe, hardcover art book (in a limited edition of 1000) about those films and their directors – fully illustrated with in-depth reviews, interviews, and essays. We are reaching out to all our fans and film lovers, to help us raise the funds to make this essential book on cult cinema.

This commemorative book covers 150 essential releases 
from filmmakers such as Tinto Brass, Fernando Arrabal, Radley Metzger,
 Walerian Borowcyzk, Jean Genet, Abel Ferrara, Rene Daalder, Olivier Smolders, Jorg Buttgereit, Nico B, Irving Klaw, and pinup legend Bettie Page. Includes in-depth reviews, interviews, and essays on films and directors – fully illustrated in color with rare photos, poster art, and memorabilia. Size is approx. 8.75" x 11.25" x 1", with 256 full color pages (and over 200 Images).

CULT EPICS INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN can be accessed HERE (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cult-epics-hardcover-book-film-cinema)





While we’re at it, there’s a thread (http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=280715&highlight=nightmare) on the blu-ray.com forums that tracks blu-ray releases of titles listed in the book Nightmare USA: The Untold Story of the Exploitation Independents (https://www.amazon.com/NIGHTMARE-USA-Untold-Exploitation-Independents/dp/1903254469/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490655315&sr=8-1&keywords=nightmare+usa)

Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: jenkins on April 30, 2017, 01:35:01 PM
frame of reference, trailers for my two favorite cult movies, both from Mondo Macobro


Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: wilder on May 01, 2017, 05:58:12 PM
Diabolique Magazine’s Daughters of Darkness Podcast (http://diaboliquemagazine.com/category/podcasts/daughters-of-darkness-podcast/), hosted by Kat Ellinger (http://diaboliquemagazine.com/author/kellinger/) and Samm Deighan (http://diaboliquemagazine.com/author/samm-deighan/), has covered Jean Rollin, Jose Larraz, Elio Petri, Andrzej Zulawski, Giallo Cinema, Lesbian Vampire Films, and more
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: wilder on May 28, 2017, 04:44:37 PM
A limited edition re-issue of Stephen Thrower's (Nightmare USA) OOP book on Lucio Fulci is coming from FAB Press in September 2017


IndieGogo promo video here (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fab-press-beyond-terror-lucio-fulci-book-dvd-cinema-horror/x/7253001#/)

Quote from: FAB Press
Our goal is to re-issue Stephen Thrower's acclaimed Lucio Fulci book Beyond Terror in a massively revised and expanded edition along with an exclusive DVD of all known Lucio Fulci trailers, gathered together for the first time ever, all presented in a heavy duty case modelled on the Book of Eibon.
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: jenkins on July 20, 2017, 05:20:40 PM
The Girl on the Broomstick (1972)


Saxana has the enthusiasm, but lacks the right talent to become a witch. So she's kept in for 300 years - nothing unusual for a sorceress' school. Being bored, she skims through the magicians' lexicon and finds a formula which brings her into the world of the humans for 48 hours. There she meets the friendly Peter who takes her with him to school... and the adventures begin.

the entire movie:

Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: jenkins on July 20, 2017, 10:00:10 PM
it was such a fucking gem

she transports from witch school to human school, and this is what happens to teachers





i slapped my thigh and yelled "oh my god." everyone in this movie is utterly human a total fucking rascal

so, these boys


they're running from the law


and what's happened is they've stolen the lexicon of magic, which the witch brought from magicworld, and so the boys transform themselves in order to hide from the cops pulling them over


i laughed so hard. so hard. then they keep going but the cops are suspicious. so the cops pull them over again and lookie here


the popes or whatever are angry! i was dying. the witch was following along


the boys turn themselves into some old men in a truck, so they can stop and get some food. they're trying to figure out the lexicon and they accidentally summon an ass on the table


then the cops arrive, then the witch arrives, she gets the lexicon back with her sneaky stretch arm, and she turns the boys into teddy bears


i felt so good i wanted to call my mother and tell her i love her and everything is going to be alright
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Post by: jenkins on August 07, 2017, 11:44:23 PM
spoiler: dogs dancing like humans 1930

THE EARLY SOUND ERA OF film was like the Wild West when it came to making movies. It was into this experimental milieu that a series of short films that used all-dog casts was produced between 1929 and 1931.

Professionally trained canines were the stars of the “all-barkie” Dogville Comedies. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer produced the nine shorts as parodies of Hollywood’s hits. The films were shot with silent film and dubbed over with human speech, utilizing the voices of the creators Jules White and Zion Myers, as well as their colleague Pete Smith. According to Jan-Christopher Horak, the director of UCLA’s film and television archive, it is likely that other contracted MGM actors and actresses also lent their voices to the films, although none of that work was credited.

To a modern viewer, it can be hard to tell who the audience of these films were. It might seem like a canine cast is best suited for children, but the plots were often mature, featuring adultery, murder, and even cannibalism.

article (http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/dogville-comedies-1930s-hollywood-filmmaking)


Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: polkablues on August 08, 2017, 12:57:55 AM
These things were amazing. I remember seeing them as interstitials between movies on AMC back in the day, but when I tried to find info about them later it was almost like they never existed. I finally found someone online who was selling home-burned DVDs of all the shorts for like 30 bucks, so I bought it and started playing it for my wife (girlfriend at the time), who watched two minutes of it and spent the rest of the time looking at me like I was insane. 30 dollars well spent.
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Post by: Drenk on August 08, 2017, 08:06:52 AM
Well, she did marry you.
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Post by: RegularKarate on August 08, 2017, 02:42:36 PM
They show these at the Drafthouse pre-show sometimes. Isn't there one that's a murder mystery?
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: jenkins on August 08, 2017, 02:47:02 PM
"even cannibalism"
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: polkablues on August 08, 2017, 06:33:53 PM
They show these at the Drafthouse pre-show sometimes. Isn't there one that's a murder mystery?

You bet there is.

Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: jenkins on August 08, 2017, 09:38:16 PM
here's the wiki (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogville_Comedies), here's the Warner Bros Archives disc (https://www.warnerbros.com/dogville-shorts-1930-31), still wondering where the cannibalism is
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Post by: jenkins on November 18, 2017, 10:18:48 PM
New Bev's Dec 31


wilder i can't find the xixax link but i know we know The Fan from Mondo Macabro. here's the trailer for Christiane F.


spoiler of when that song actually appears in the movie

Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: wilder on November 19, 2017, 01:19:37 AM

Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: jenkins on December 03, 2017, 01:46:11 PM

A MIDNIGHT TAXI ZUM KLO SCREENING AT THE NEW BEV ON DECEMBER 16 (http://thenewbev.com/program/december-16-taxi-zum-klo-midnight-show). THE BEST MOVIE THING TO HAPPEN TO LA FOR THE YEAR, IS MY VOTE.


In the pioneering classic of German queer cinema, Taxi zum Klo, Frank Ripploh writes, directs and stars in a semi-autobiographical snapshot of pre-AIDS West Berlin. An elementary school teacher by day, Ripploh cruises for sex at night, grading papers in the john while awaiting his next anonymous hook-up. But his compartmentalized routine gets shaken up when he meets a commitment-minded new beau. Frank, fierce, explicit and funny, Taxi zum Klo was notorious at the time of its release. Don’t miss this rare chance to see it back on the big screen in 35mm!

Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: BB on December 03, 2017, 11:27:12 PM
I sought out Taxi zum Klo based on a recommendation from here (possibly you, jenkins) and it truly is astonishing.
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: wilder on December 11, 2017, 03:02:16 PM

Spectacle Theater's custom trailer (https://vimeo.com/51972167) for Indonesian director Arizal's American Hunter (1988) is one of my favorite things ever
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: jenkins on December 20, 2017, 07:46:30 PM
the history of Japanese cinema is so beautiful to read about via wiki (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_film). i crazy want to see a movie about a benshi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benshi). how has there not been a benshi movie, that's some major missing out on ripe material.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Japan was one of the world's two largest producers of motion pictures, along with the United States. Though the country's film industry was among the first to produce both sound and talking features, the full changeover to sound proceeded much more slowly than in the West. It appears that the first Japanese sound film, Reimai (Dawn), was made in 1926 with the De Forest Phonofilm system. Using the sound-on-disc Minatoki system, the leading Nikkatsu studio produced a pair of talkies in 1929: Taii no musume (The Captain's Daughter) and Furusato (Hometown), the latter directed by Kenji Mizoguchi. The rival Shochiku studio began the successful production of sound-on-film talkies in 1931 using a variable-density process called Tsuchibashi. Two years later, however, more than 80 percent of movies made in the country were still silents. Two of the country's leading directors, Mikio Naruse and Yasujirō Ozu, did not make their first sound films until 1935 and 1936, respectively. As late as 1938, over a third of all movies produced in Japan were shot without dialogue.

The enduring popularity of the silent medium in Japanese cinema owed in great part to the tradition of the benshi, a live narrator who performed as accompaniment to a film screening. As director Akira Kurosawa later described, the benshi "not only recounted the plot of the films, they enhanced the emotional content by performing the voices and sound effects and providing evocative descriptions of events and images on the screen.... The most popular narrators were stars in their own right, solely responsible for the patronage of a particular theatre." Film historian Mariann Lewinsky argues,

The end of silent film in the West and in Japan was imposed by the industry and the market, not by any inner need or natural evolution.... Silent cinema was a highly pleasurable and fully mature form.
It didn't lack anything, least in Japan, where there was always the human voice doing the dialogues and the commentary. Sound films were not better, just more economical. As a cinema owner you didn't have to pay the wages of musicians and benshi any more. And a good benshi was a star demanding star payment.

Lew. In. Sky. Lew. In. Sky.
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: jenkins on January 03, 2018, 07:02:11 PM
Mondo Macabro fb posted about their upcoming releases




[The Deserter]


Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: wilder on January 15, 2018, 04:54:12 PM
2018 TBD

David DeCoteau's American Rampage (1989) on blu-ray from Massacre Video


A rookie cop with her own way of doing things decides it's time to throw away the rule book when her partner is killed by drug dealers in a war for control of the Los Angeles market. Cinematography by Howard Wexler (Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Malibu Express).

(great looking)
Trailer - Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/249132727)
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: wilder on March 03, 2018, 04:23:57 PM
May 8, 2018

Andy Sidaris’ Seven (1979) on blu-ray from Kino


A cartel of seven crime bosses unionize and plan to take over the state of Hawaii. Government intelligence agent Drew Sevano (William Smith, Any Which Way You Can) is hired to "handle" the situation however he sees fit. Drew enlists seven old friends to help, creating Sevano's Seven – the Playmate (Susan Kiger, H.O.T.S.), the Black-Belt (Ed Parker, Revenge of the Pink Panther), the Dragster (Christopher Joy, Big Time), the Cowboy (Guich Koock, North Dallas Forty), the Comic (Art Metrano, Police Academy 2), the Professor (Richard LePore, Stacey!) and the Indian (Barbara Leigh, Junior Bonner). Sevano's Seven – death is their way of life! This cult classic was co-written, co-produced and directed by Andy Sidaris (Malibu Express, Hard Ticket to Hawaii) and co-starred Martin Kove (Steele Justice) and Terry Kiser (Weekend at Bernie's).


A 12-film DVD collection of Andy Sidaris’ other movies is available for $8. These are ridiculously entertaining.


Girls, Guns, & G-Strings: The Andy Sidaris Collection - Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Girls-Guns-G-Strings-Sidaris-Collection/dp/B004HHX9OQ)


Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: jenkins on March 14, 2018, 08:57:52 PM
[moved from the death thread. this is from 2012. this isn't a celebration of Lewis as a murderer, but rather an acknowledgement of the dark paths that people can find themselves traveling down; the utter darkness of this story. because certain aspects of this murder/death will always, always be a mystery, it's different from other types of murders/deaths. because of his association with cinema, Palo Alto in particular, Johnny Lewis belongs to cult cinema.]

Johnny Lewis (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Lewis) was an actor on The OC, Sons of Anarchy, and other shows i never watched. he was in the movie Palo Alto, The Runaways, some more, supporting roles. i'm going to summarize his tragic death, which can be read about by clicking his name and going to wikipedia, or this Los Angeles Magazine article (http://www.lamag.com/longform/the-secret-life-of-johnny-lewis/), which is commented on by Johnny's father through a practical perspective, and his practical perspective is replied to by another practical perspective.


Johnny Lewis was an actor who considered himself an artist; specifically, a writer. he died within a semi-expensive artist compound in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. the compound was called Writers’ Villa and he lived in the Red Suite: first when he was 23, then when he was 26 and after he'd been released from prison.

between the first and second time he lived in Writers’ Villa, Johnny Lewis went through life difficulties of this sort: he suffered head injuries from a high-speed motorcycle accident; he broke into a condo to protect someone, except the condo was empty, and while in the condo two people arrived, he smashed bottles on their heads, they retaliated and called the cops on him; he served jail time.

he didn't appear to have a drug addiction, and a rather hilarious sidestory relates to people trying to blame anything on pot. in fact there's the story that in rehab Johnny switched to calling himself an alcoholic because that sounded like an actual problem. he didn't appear to be an alcoholic either. his father insists that Jonny had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) which was never treated (Johnny refused), although there are signs that Johnny's personality was becoming more aggressive before his motorcycle injury (and his father blames both the motorcycle accident and the break in and Johnny's jail time, and Johnny's father is a scientologist, which would be a separate story).

no one can quite describe Johnny's overall problem as a person.


pictured: Cathy Davis and her cat. Cathy was the owner of Writers’ Villa.  what happened was, five days after his release from prison, Jonny was living in Writers’ Villa, and he killed both Cathy and her cat, then he either fell or jumped from a second story height onto a concrete driveway.

there's a photo of his blood on the driveway (http://cdn.lamag.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2014/01/driveway_h.jpg), which is such a sinister photo, an unnecessary photo imo.

the cat was found in the shower, its skull cracked in. Cathy Davis was beaten to death. there was a hammer with dried blood found in Johnny's room.

there are some good guesses about why Johnny was mad at Cathy (because she was mad at him for shutting down the fuse box, which he did because he didn't like lights), but the story of what transpired between them can only be speculated upon. no one guessed this, no one saw it coming.
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Post by: wilder on July 05, 2018, 07:51:08 PM
August 14, 2018


Written and produced by exploitation demigod Renee Harmon (FROZEN SCREAM) and directed by the legendary James Bryan (DON'T GO IN THE WOODS), this is the story of Linda, a tough-as-nails karate cop on the trail of the ruthless scumbags who murdered her twin sister. From the outrageous fight scenes to Harmon's incredible outfits, LADY STREET FIGHTER is a joyous blast of no-holds-barred chaos from one of the most important lady filmmakers in genre history.

Lady Street Fighter (1981) - Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Lady-Street-Fighter-Special-Blu-ray/dp/B07C53MX63/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1526420884&sr=1-1&keywords=lady+street+fighter+blu+ray)

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Post by: jenkins on August 16, 2018, 06:31:52 PM

have you seen Mondo Macabro is going wild?

Ready for something new? We'll have 4 new title announcements (!) to make next week, but in the meantime here's something brand new you can pre-order now from our friends at DiabolikDVD.com!


The Austrian cult film THE INHERITORS! Coming to blu October 9th!


On his way home from school, 16 year old Thomas helps Charly, an unemployed teenager, escape from the police. Despite their differing backgrounds the boys become good friends and Charly persuades Thomas to join a neo-Nazi youth group. Intrigued and confused by his new friends Thomas, who is experiencing trouble at home and school, is drawn deeper into a web of sex and violence that leads to a tragic end.

In 1979, Austrian film director Walter Bannert was among a group of Vienna cafe patrons beaten up by a gang of young neo-Nazis who wrecked the place. Researching the burgeoning movement in West Germany and Austria for 3 years, Bannert infiltrated their private meetings by convincing party leaders that he wanted to make an objective documentary. His film The Inheritors is the result, a disturbing and timely fictional drama based entirely on real characters, events and conversations that Bannert came across in the neo-Nazi camps. The film was highly controversial on its original release and theatres screening it were threatened with violent action by neo-Nazi sympathizers. Although it is now over thirty years old, the film remains incredibly relevant as we witness, across the world, the rebirth of right wing extremism using exactly the same lies and tactics exposed so powerfully in this film.

The Inheritors was not screened in its native country for many years until it was rediscovered at the 2015 Viennale Exhibition where it was praised as a rare and powerful example of Austrian genre cinema with a strong political message.

The film was selected at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival for the prestigious Directors Fortnight section, in the same year it won a jury prize at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Brand new 2k scan from film negative
World Blu-ray premiere
Region free
Exclusive 12 page booklet with essays by Michael Gingold and film maker Paul Poet
Original theatrical trailer
English/German audio choice
Newly created subtitles


this movie is titled Where The Day Takes You so i like it, plus on top of that it's a movie version of Decline of Western Civilization Part Three


it's out of print but frankly BigAl'sCollectibles came through with an $8.95 dvd via amazon, cheap titles remain, that's just good movie stuff imo
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: wilder on August 16, 2018, 07:17:40 PM
Bannert infiltrated their private meetings by convincing party leaders that he wanted to make an objective documentary. His film The Inheritors is the result, a disturbing and timely fictional drama based entirely on real characters, events and conversations that Bannert came across in the neo-Nazi camps.

Wow, intriguing.

Ordered! Thank you for the heads up.

Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: wilder on August 20, 2018, 11:07:01 PM
From the blu-ray.com forum:

Quote from: Jared A
Quote from: MortimerBrewstr
Knowing that there's 5 titles coming that haven't had any sort of US release... I'm going to ask a question that has always sort of interested me.

How does Mondo Macabro discover all of these super obscure titles? Especially movies that have never had a US release. Does Pete just sit through stacks of foreign films all owned by one foreign body or individual? Or are referrals made from owners that Mondo has previously dealt with?

I'm fascinated by how these titles must find their way into the Mondo Macabro consciousness…

It's mostly pretty simple. We are just huge movie fans and are personally drawn the more obscure end of the spectrum, and to movies from around the world.

Pete's been into this stuff forever, having literally written the book about it (twice!) back in the 90s. He has long, long lists of films he would like to release.

My knowledge is not nearly so encyclopedic, but my interests still lie very much in the weird, the obscure and the foreign. I ran the Worldweird Cinema blog back in the 2000s, which was dedicated to that sort of thing. I too have a list of movies I'd love to do.

Basically we just know what we want and then look for the rights and materials. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

But some films also just land in laps, seemingly out of nowhere. LOVERS BEYOND TIME was one. The director liked what we were doing and got in contact. INHERITORS is another. That came as part of the deal for BLOOD LUST. Neither Pete nor myself were familliar with it. But Pete thinks it's pretty good. I still have yet to see it myself.

That's it. No big mystery!

I used to read the Worldweird Cinema blog (http://worldweirdcinema.blogspot.com/?zx=26a88dc4ae670d91), but never made the connection to it being written by one of Mondo Macabro’s co-founders. Jared has compiled a list of over 300 films (https://mubi.com/lists/worldweird-cinema) covered on it, on Mubi, which may be a hint of what’s to come from the label in the future.
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: wilder on August 22, 2018, 10:14:44 PM
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: jenkins on August 23, 2018, 12:18:21 PM

This is one where you’ll probably want to take a shower after you watch it. From the degenerate director who brought you TANGO OF PERVERSION and THE WIFE KILLER (both available now on DVD from us!) comes another Hellenic sleaze-fest, DANGEROUS CARGO! DALLAS’ Debbie Shelton stars, in a role she’d probably rather forget, as a woman taken captive when pirates take over a ship carrying weapons and ammunition to the far east. These pirates are very much the grimy 70s kind, and not the fun-loving, 18th century “yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum” variety. Quite a bit of ugly, sweaty, and hairy sex and violence ensues. Ms Shelton gets nude A LOT. And it doesn’t end well for anyone involved.
MM is proud (?) to present the US home video debut of this nasty bit of Greek exploitation, as part of our ongoing exploration of genre films from that neglected country. And yes, this will be on BLU-RAY, god help us all. Keep an eye out for promo teaser trailer sometime in the next couple of months. We hope to unleash this film unto the world around the end of the year or maybe early next. It will likely have a “straight to retail” release, with no ‘red case’ limited edition.



A.K.A. THE PUNISHMENT, is a very 1970s French arthouse/exploitation crossover that pre-dates such hit Euro S&M-themed films as STORY OF O and THE IMAGE. Karin Shubert stars as a prostitute who has failed to please a customer and so finds herself locked in a room by her pimp to receive her “punishment”. Although filled with unpleasant violence and disturbing sex, LA PUNITION is a psychedelic marvel, an “evil gem of a movie” as one IMDB reviewer puts it, a ravishingly visual film made around a decidedly seedy story. This movie is often compared to the 70s films of Alain Robbe-Grillet like EDEN AND AFTER or SLOW SLIDINGS OF PLEASURE, but it hits much harder than those.

Coming to Blu-ray from Mondo Macabro probably sometime early next year from a new 2K restoration from the original negative.



A.K.A. THE GIRL WITH THE BUTTERFLY TATTOO or simply THE KILLER BUTTERFLY (probably the title we’ll use).

Over the years we’ve released some pretty strange movies here at Mondo Macabro. But this might very well be the strangest yet. Directed by Kim Ki-young, director of the original version of THE HOUSEMAID, often called “the best Korean film of all time”, BUTTERFLY is a horror-tinged psychotropic melodrama freak-out about nothing less than death itself and the will to keep living. After a young man survives being poisoned by a girl at a picnic he falls into a deep, suicidal depression. But standing in the way of his desire to kill himself is a Nietzschean bookseller who refuses to die even though he’s killed several times, an ancient mummy who is revived in the form of a beautiful woman who happens to be a cannibal, and an insane anthropologist who wants to keep his daughter alive by getting her laid. And also, of course, butterflies. KILLER BUTTERFLY is the most eccentric work in the filmography of the very eccentric Kim Ki-young, made at time of crisis in the Korean film industry when he was running out of hit movies but not bizarre ideas.

MM is incredibly excited to bring this amazing film to the US for the first time ever in a world-premiere Blu-ray release sporting a new 2K restoration from the original negative and loaded with tons of exclusive extras. Hopefully we’ll have this one available before the end of the year, though early next is possible as well.



And finally, this wonderfully bizarre bit of hippy horror from Italy!

QUEENS OF EVIL stars Ray Lovelock as a freelovin’ dude just tryin’ to get away from it all, who stumbles into a seemingly perfect situation: a very stylish home isolated in the countryside inhabited by three extremely beautiful young ladies (played by Silvia Monti, Evelyn Stewart, and Haydee Politoff) who are totally into him and his free-love ethos. But of course, things don’t go exactly as he would hope, and soon enough things take a bizarre turn into the realms of pagan ritual and witchcraft!

A wonderfully stylized example of late 60s/early 70s counterculture exploitation cinema with lots of artsy touches and an occult horror payoff, it’s a real mystery than QUEENS OF EVIL has never gotten a US release before now.
Title: Re: All things Cult Cinema
Post by: jenkins on September 02, 2018, 02:09:52 PM
this is recent but being placed in the appropriate thread. as stated previously, the rationale behind dark news in the cult thread involves lives taking unforeseen paths that lead to tragic consequences. Rest in Peace Vanessa Marquez. this news is developing (https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/vanessa-marquez-er-shot-killed-police-south-pasadena-police-statement-1202924750/)


Former ‘ER’ Actress Vanessa Marquez Shot and Killed by Police (https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/vanessa-marquez-er-shot-killed-police-1202923337/)

Vanessa Marquez, an actress best known for her role as a nurse on “ER,” was shot and killed by South Pasadena police on Thursday, authorities confirmed on Friday.

Officers were called to Marquez’s home in the 1100 block of Fremont Avenue by a landlord to check on her welfare. When the officers arrived around 12 p.m., she was suffering from seizures and appeared unable to take care of herself. Officers called out paramedics and a mental health clinician, and continued to talk with her. After about 90 minutes, Marquez, 49, armed herself with a BB gun and pointed it at the officers, causing them to open fire, said Sheriff’s Lt. Joe Mendoza.

South Pasadena, a municipality separate from neighboring Pasadena, is eight miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Mendoza told reporters that Marquez appeared to be going through “mental problems” and seemed to be “gravely disabled.”

She appeared as Ana Delgado in the Edward James Olmos-starring film “Stand and Deliver” in 1988, and in 27 episodes of “ER” as nurse Wendy Goldman. Her other credits include the series “Malcom & Eddie” and “Wiseguy.”

Last October, Marquez alleged that she was blacklisted from “ER” by co-star George Clooney after complaining of racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

“Clooney helped blacklist me when I spoke up abt harassment on ER.’women who dont play the game lose career’I did,” she wrote on Twitter.

Clooney issued a statement at the time saying he had nothing to do with casting on the show.

“I had no idea Vanessa was blacklisted,” he said. “I take her at her word. I was not a writer or a producer or a director on that show. I had nothing to do with casting. I was an actor and only an actor. If she was told I was involved in any decision about her career then she was lied to. The fact that I couldn’t affect her career is only surpassed by the fact that I wouldn’t.”

Marquez also wrote on social media that she was suffering from immune disorders, including celiac disease. She said several times that she was diagnosed as “terminal,” was suffering from chronic pain, and was “homebound.”

Marquez had alleged she was groped on the set of “ER” well before the #MeToo movement last fall. She claimed that when she complained to the producers, she was exiled.

“I was blacklisted and my career was over at 26,” she wrote on Facebook in January 2017. “Why are women afraid to speak up ‘at the time?’ Because everything they’ve ever worked for is RIPPED away from them. For being a goddamn victim and expecting protection.”

She also wrote extensively about her health problems and said she was entering “that Norma Desmond stage that some actors do. Watching their old stuff on tv.”

“A person only has so much strength and I’m afraid I’ve used all mine up,” she wrote. “Why couldn’t my dream have lasted for more than just those few years?”
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Post by: jenkins on September 15, 2018, 12:52:27 PM
Anna Biller joins the AGFA advisory board
via American Genre Film Archive


We are beyond honored to welcome Anna Biller, the filmmaker behind VIVA and THE LOVE WITCH, to the AGFA advisory board.

At the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA), we believe that genre films should rule the world. But we can’t make this happen alone. Our advisory board is a coalition of like-minded fans who believe in the importance and preservation of genre films. Together, we ensure that these movies will be available on 35mm until the end of time. Or until the planet explodes. Whichever comes first.

The AGFA advisory board consists of Alamo Drafthouse founders Karrie and Tim League, filmmakers Paul Thomas Anderson and Nicolas Winding Refn, and musician RZA. Today, we’re proud to welcome Anna Biller to the ranks.

“I am thrilled to be included on the board of the American Genre Film Archive,” says Biller, “I believe passionately in continuing the legacy of film, and in preserving some of the great genre films that are such a vital part of our history and culture."

Anna Biller’s work is an inspiration. Meticulously crafting VIVA and THE LOVE WITCH on 35mm, Biller is a breath of fresh air for twenty-first century genre filmmaking. She channels the hyper-stylized aesthetic of Jaques Tati, the surreal melodrama of Nicholas Ray, and the pop-art pulp of Doris Wishman to create movies that feel like nothing else before or since.

For more on Anna Biller and her work, visit: www.lifeofastar.com (http://www.lifeofastar.com)

November 21, 2017

William Morgan's The Violent Years (1956) on blu-ray from the The American Genre Film Archive and Something Weird Video, from a new 4K restoration.


Paula Parkins is the teenage daughter of wealthy parents whom don't seem to make time for her, so she looks for thrills as the leader of her all-girl gang who steal, rob, and rape young men. Screenplay by Ed Wood. (The label has also confirmed that the film will be paired with Boris Petroff's crime thriller Anatomy of a Psycho).

The Violent Years (1956) - Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/The-Violent-Years-Blu-ray/dp/B073ZWJWQ8?SubscriptionId=AKIAIY4YSQJMFDJATNBA&tag=bluray-011-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B073ZWJWQ8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER)


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American Genre Film Archive (https://www.americangenrefilm.com)

their list of titles is actually quite long and there's a lot more i can learn about them. i quoted two of wilder's posts about them. there's also a Lady Street Fighter post in this thread. and a Bat Pussy post exists somewhere i think, i can't find it

Oct 9 they're releasing Ninja Zombie


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Keeping the exploitation-film fires burning with Nicolas Winding Refn (https://www.avclub.com/keeping-the-exploitation-film-fires-burning-with-nicola-1828953125)

I like Nicolas Winding Refn’s films—the ending of The Neon Demon was enough to redeem that otherwise flawed film for me, though that’s a topic for another time—but I’m a huge fan of his ongoing side gig as a film preservationist. He first caught my eye when he bought a collection of film prints by obscure exploitation director Andy Milligan, including the only known copies of several of Milligan’s works, back in 2012. I was delighted when he said he was motivated to buy Milligan’s work by Jimmy McDonough’s (now out of print) biography The Ghastly One: The Sex-Gore Netherworld Of Filmmaker Andy Milligan, which I had just finished shortly before the news broke. I later wrote about attending an exhibit of Refn’s movie-poster collection in 2015, at which I shyly sidled up to the autograph table and told him that I collected movie posters, too.

Refn likes to speak in modest terms about his obsession with vintage exploitation films, saying, for example, that he hadn’t even seen most of the movies in his art book The Act Of Seeing. But the care and attention to detail with which he restores these films and re-presents them to the public betrays his affection for the material, an affection that seems at least partially driven by sympathy for the filmmakers whose works end up in landfills. As he told The New York Times at the end of July, “A lot of the films [had] maybe just two prints existing—once they were gone, there would be nothing. All the hard work in making a film and then they would be lost, which would be really sad.” I identify with that sense of duty, as anyone who has lived with me, and therefore has had to deal with the crates and crates of weird old VHS tapes I drag with me to every new apartment, can attest.


So perhaps it was a foregone conclusion that I would be really into Refn’s new preservation venture, byNWR, a highly curated—and free, if you’re watching on a computer—streaming service that was announced last October and has been slowly rolling out new content ever since. byNWR, which describes itself as “an unadulterated cultural expressway of the arts,” combines the best attributes of two other speciality streaming services: the curated selection of Shudder, and the excellent supplemental features of FilmStruck.

The content on byNWR is truly unique: These are films in danger of being lost forever, not well-known cult classics. And frankly, they’re not to everyone’s taste. They’re all crudely made, many of them have pacing issues, and some are downright offensive to contemporary sensibilities. (This is particularly true of the “hicksploitation” films featured on the site.) If you stumbled on one of them on some bizarre late-night cable channel, you’d probably change the channel after a couple of minutes. But byNWR puts them in context, not only historically, but also artistically, revealing their true value as fascinating documents of their respective eras and misunderstood works of outsider art.

Titles are released in quarterly collections, each with a new film released monthly. Last fall came the “Regional Renegades” collection, featuring the films The Nest Of The Cuckoo Birds (1965), Shanty Tramp (1967), and Hot Thrills And Warm Chills (1967). I watched the latter, a collection of vignettes loosely strung together by a thin plot about a gang of female jewel thieves plotting a heist during Mardi Gras. You never actually see the heist, but you do get a lot of footage of the French Quarter in the mid-’60s, as well as burlesque dancers with gloriously caked-on eye makeup and sky-high hairdos performing their signature routines. Materials accompanying the film include extensive interviews with the four self-proclaimed “broads” who make up the core ensemble—one even includes some of her poetry!—as well as essays from various authors about regional cinema, the music and culture of New Orleans, and the art and business of exotic dance.

This month launched a new, slightly more highbrow series called “Missing Links,” which opened with a title I had heard of before: Night Tide, a 1961 magical-realist horror-romance from prolific ’60s and ’70s B-movie director Curtis Harrington. (He also did a pair of Grande Dame Guignol movies, Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? with Shelley Winters, and What’s The Matter With Helen? with Debbie Reynolds, in the early ’70s.) The film is notable not only because it features a very young Dennis Hopper, but also as a document of the early ’60s L.A. beatnik subculture (there is a lot of bongo drumming in this movie) and as a bridge between ’50s drive-in cinema and the then-nascent American independent film movement. The plot recalls a gender-swapped The Shape Of Water, as lovestruck sailor Johnny Drake (Hopper) falls in love with reluctant mermaid Mora (Linda Lawson) on the Santa Monica pier; the pace undeniably drags, but the film is hypnotic and worth a watch anyway.


Next month’s looking to be a good one on byNWR, as the service adds the second film in its “Missing Links” series: If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? (1971), an infamous Christian scare film from holy-rolling huckster Ron Ormond that contains an absolutely gobsmacking scene where a Communist gets a bunch of kids to renounce Jesus and embrace Fidel Castro by giving them candy. (It’s embedded above.) I’ve seen it, and can attest that it’s a must-see for those who watch Pure Flix films ironically. After that comes November’s selection, Spring Night, Summer Night (1967), an obscure art film shot on location in Appalachian Ohio that was re-edited for maximum sleaze and released under various titles to capitalize on its incestuous theme. In its original form, however, it’s reportedly more Killer Of Sheep than Common Law Cabin. I’m looking forward to it.

byNWR is now up and running on its own website. It isn’t currently available in its free form as an app for Roku et al, but if you prefer to watch the films on a TV (and don’t have one of these also-recommended cables that essentially turns your TV into an external monitor), they also stream on MUBI as they are released
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Patty Mayo (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEYLdM2bdhmw-TS3c0TjFNw) has 3,755,420 subscribers on his youtube channel about being a bounty hunter.

this is his bio (http://youtube.wikia.com/wiki/Patty_Mayo):
Patrick Thomas Tarmey, better known online as Patty Mayo, is an American entrepreneur and YouTube prankster-turned-vlogger best known for his bounty hunting series profession and stringing vlogs.

He is the former owner of Boston businesses Paramotor Tours, Abington Airsoft and Abington Zombie Apocolypse, under the name Patrick Tarmey. These were all sold when he moved to CA.

Now living in Burbank, CA, he owns his own production company - which plays a large part in creating his videos.


Early days
Patrick Thomas joined YouTube on November 12, 2013 and spent the following two years producing roughly a dozen reasonably popular prank videos. Beginning to experience significant monetization issues affecting his earnings, Thomas elected to pursue work as a bail bondsman agent or "bounty hunter," a profession he describes as "one of the first jobs as an adult I ever had..." Branding the initiative as the "Southland Bounty Hunters" in reference to the geographic locale of southern California in which he works, he began documenting his experiences as a bondsman.

Rise in viewership
Bringing along his longtime girlfriend Kayla as his initial bond agent partner and camerawoman, Thomas began producing 10-20 minute on-the-job vlogs, detailing the work involved in finding and apprehending wanted fugitives. Due in part to the exotic nature of his profession and the high level of filming and editing accompanying each video, his viewcount skyrocketed through the summer months of 2017.

In early June of 2017, Thomas acquired a new, genuie bounty hunting partner in the form of fellow YouTuber DeMar "Bounty Hunter D." Their cutting wit and chemistry, in addition to their decision to take on more potentially dangerous fugitives, led to an increase in viewership through the latter part of the summer, during which time Thomas hit one million subscribers. The duo briefly parted ways after an altercation in their personal lives but publicly reunited and buried the hatchet in November of 2017.

Current events
Thomas' video release levels reduced significantly in the latter half of November for several reasons. Due to a reappearing illness related to a previously sustained head injury that nearly cost him his life, Thomas was placed on light duty by his bail company employer to provide him time to recover. Secondly, he and Kayla had simultaneously begun production of a live show related to their part-time work as stringers, documenting their attempts to capture footage of dangerous events and natural disasters in California.

As a legally-sanctioned bondsman, Thomas is licensed to carry firearms in the state of California. In addition to his 9mm handgun, he also carries a taser, tactical and chain handcuff variations, assorted flashlights and other such items. He generally appears in videos wearing Southland Bounty Hunters clothing merchandise, augmented through the inclusion of various levels of body armor sporting his badge and clearly notating his profession.

Vehicle-wise, Thomas has been known to drive both a blacked-out Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor equipped with strobe lights and a spotlight, as well as a black Dodge truck equipped with a video communications/surveillance suite in lieu of a flatbed. Though initially he did not possess a license to run his CVPI's ELS lights, it is believed that he has since acquired this license, though as of December 2017, this remains speculation.

Since his early days, Thomas has been sponsored by Edubirdie.com, a company whose support Thomas credits as being invaluable for funding the switch from prank videos to more serious bounty hunting videos during the preceding YouTube monitization issues. He has also received smaller sponsorships from companies like EvoGimbals who occasionally supply him with gear.

Personal life
Thomas's longtime girlfriend Kayla plays a significant role in the channel's operation; in addition to being Patrick's first bounty hunting partner, she currently serves as the main camerawoman of the operation, and assists in major behind-the-scenes administrative work necessary to locate and apprehend fugitives.

Thomas also runs a second channel with more intimate content related to his personal life called "Extra Mayo". Though much of the content is related to his life with his girlfriend Kayla, members of Thomas' family occasionally make cameo appearances.

i heard about him impersonally over the internet
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sending The Shaggs  (http://xixax.com/index.php?topic=13445.msg355190#msg355190) movie straight to cult. they're just so remarkable. it seems kind of embarrassing i've never listened to them. seems even without realizing it i've heard about them. Philosophy of the World (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophy_of_the_World) has the golden moment where it's somehow the perfect title. it's fair to say many other albums would be more serious with the title. their backstory (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shaggs) is next level

The conceptual beginning of The Shaggs came from Austin Wiggin's mother who, when her son was young, had predicted during a palmreading that he would marry a strawberry blonde woman, that he would have two sons after she had died, and that his daughters would form a popular music group. The first two predictions proved accurate, so Austin set about making the third come true as well. Austin withdrew his daughters from school, bought them instruments, and arranged for them to receive music and vocal lessons. The Wiggin sisters themselves never planned to become a music group, but as Dot later said, "[Austin] was something of a disciplinarian. He was stubborn and he could be temperamental. He directed. We obeyed. Or did our best." Austin named The Shaggs after the then-popular shag hairstyle and as a reference to shaggy dogs. In 1968, Austin arranged for the girls to play a regular Saturday night gig at the Fremont, New Hampshire Town Hall.

and within all this it's legitimate cult nerdery that's carried them this far. that's always so beautiful.

this song finalized my reverence


it's so wrong but it's so right and you just couldn't pull it off if you wanted to