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Kill Bill: Volume One

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Reply #75 on: June 05, 2003, 04:40:21 PM
im numb with anticipation.
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Reply #76 on: June 05, 2003, 05:25:27 PM
I'm still not sure I'm going to like KillBill, but that doesn't mean I'm NOT going to see it.
Is there so much blood that I'll need to bring plastic to cover my body, kind of like- Gallager ape sh*t shows?
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Reply #77 on: June 06, 2003, 03:14:44 AM
When reading the script i kept asking myself: How will this get an R-Rating?


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Reply #78 on: June 24, 2003, 02:04:19 PM
There's a "Kill Bill" trailer on the "Equilibrium" DVD, for those who are interested in renting a pretty decent movie that got buried in its theatrical release.
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Reply #79 on: June 24, 2003, 02:05:26 PM
I thought Equilibrium was pretty damn good, I'll probably see it again now that I know it has a KB trailer
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Reply #80 on: July 11, 2003, 07:24:05 PM
from EW...
Put it this way: Anyone who is excited about Quentin Tarantinos new movie today may be able to double that excitement tomorrow. According to sources close to the production, Miramax chief Harvey Weinstein screened sequences of the long-gestating kung-fu revenge flick last week. Given the 197 page script-one page often, but not always, corresponds to one minute of movie- and over 1000 rolls of film used during the shoot, its no surprise that Kill Bill, which is still being edited, may be one jumbo action film.  But there could be a headline-making solution in the works: Miramax and the director are said to be considering cutting the movie into two halves. But fear not, Tarantino-philes.  Whether its the full Kill Bill or just, you know, Wound Bill, Thurman will be wreaking havok in theatres on Oct. 10.
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Reply #81 on: July 11, 2003, 07:49:03 PM
There is NOTHING wrong with a 3+ hour movie.  Attention deficit disorder in critics (*cough*JamesBerardinelli*cough*) and movie goers in general really pisses me off.  188 minutes of Magnolia is heaven, and I would've been happy if they movie had been ~3:30 and left the Worm stuff in, too.  Although it may have needed an intermission.

That POS, Ted-Turner-financed, Civil War movie was about four hours long, and no one really whined (though it's not as if anyone saw it either ;)).  A movie, as the saying goes, should be as long as a piece of string: as long as it needs to be.  200 minutes of Tarantino?  I can live with that, as long as it's all necessary.  But why do I get the feeling a whole lot of that will be mindless action, a la Matrix Reloaded?

Ironically, though, I'm sitting through La dolce vita (pausing a lot) as a type this, and well, it could've used a trimming.  It's 180 minutes long, and I'm only through the first hour.  It's a VHS copy (no DVD in the US yet :() and it's been cropped, so that detracts from it, too.  Then again, what I'm seeing with Fellini so far is a tendency towards overindulgence.  But I digress.


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Reply #82 on: July 11, 2003, 08:04:40 PM
You're right about the huge amounts of action -- if the draft of the script currently available is any indication. It's pretty insane. I can't wait. One movie or two is fine with me...it doesn't really matter, as long as we're not stuck with one truncated version.  The movie is the type that would work just fine with two installments (if he pulls it off -- if he doesn't, no one will want to see part 2).

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Reply #83 on: July 12, 2003, 11:14:24 PM
Quote from: themodernage02
this blurb is from Dark Horizons.  pretty exciting.

Kill Bill: Every now an then a star will say a quote which makes you go 'Wooooh', well Lucy Liu did that just the other day to press in Beijing about the new Tarantino movie: "It's so violent. People will leave the movie theatre or get sick in the movie theatre. But there's so much violence that it becomes not numbing, but almost comedic. There's a scene where there's so much violence that the color of the film goes into black and white, so that the blood looks like oil. It's cinematic, it's art. You can take it to a different level, and show what violence is, in such a heightened manner that you don't think of it as violence anymore, you think of it as a language. If you go to Kill Bill, you know there's going to be violence - that's your option".

Wait a minute. I've seen interviews with Liu about Charlie's Angels. That's not Liu. That's way too elegant and intelligent to be Liu. I call shenanigans.
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Reply #84 on: July 13, 2003, 02:24:31 AM
Apparently there is some crazy thing about Kill Bill at the San Diego Comic Con next weekend where people are hoping to get some kind of solid info on the film. The whole idea of mingling with the comic con people really scares the fuck out of me. I might bite the bullet and go though.


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Reply #85 on: July 13, 2003, 02:53:00 AM
from german Rolling Stone magazine 7/2003

Film maniac Quentin Tarantino about Carradine, the production of Kill Bill and his main source of inspiration Ė his record collection.

Why havenít you been to Cannes?
- Because I was sitting in the studio cutting. I am behind 60 days and I just couldnít go. I have to finish the movie by October. At this point I have Ė to be honest Ė only cut half of the final film.

Whatís Kill Bill about?
A group of assassins is getting shot by their boss. The leader, at the same time Billís wife, is only injured pretty bad. 5 years later she wakes up from her coma and takes revenge of Bill. Only that much: The entire genre of 70s film influenced me, not only Hong Kong films. I am a genre lover Ė everything from Spaghetti Western to Samurai movie.

How did you come up with David Carradine?
He was one of my favorite actors since my early childhood. I always wanted to have him in a movie of mine but I never had a suiting role for him. Up till now there never was a suiting character. Even when I started writing Kill Bill I first had someone else in mind who was available. While I was writing the script I was also reading Davidís auto biography and the more I wrote and read the more I came up with similarities and then Ė some day I thought: Hey, David could be this guy Bill.

I heard it wasnít that easy convincing Harvey Weinstein of David Carradine?
Thatís not completely right. I went to Harvey and suggested David. Weinstein wanted to get to know David before, and after he had met him, he just said: He is really cool Ė and then he supported the idea. I didnít really had to fight.

Will we see Uma and David in a Kung Fu duel?
Uma will be seen in a sword fight, she trained 3 months for that. Daryl Hannah also had to get into all the Samurai stuff. The hardest stuff were the stunts, because they were intended to be kinda new. Fortunately, it was fun for both the stunt guys and the girls, the have been training for months. David of course, heís the Kung Fu master, but which one of the girls is gonna fight against him, I wonít reveal.

Were there any outstanding incidents during the shooting?
You could say that. I was talking with some people of the team about drilling a hole into the ground. And while Iím still talking, one of them picks up the driller and starts drilling. I wanna go, as I notice that he drilled my shoe. I yelled at him, he should hand me the driller. He yelled back ĎNo, itís mineí. I wanted to switch it off but in that moment he pulled it up and went away cursing.

Is it true that you wanted to make 2 movies out of Kill Bill?
I donít know yet, I am still cutting. But who knows, maybe I decide to do one, two or even 3 movies.

And you already have a DVD for Kill Bill in mind, do you?
Sure, and thatís the cool thing about DVD: You can pack stuff on the disc that woulíve been too much for the big screen because actually it wouldíve only interested yourself and a bunch of fanboys, who wanna know everything, but the majority of the audience would just be bored with it. I take the DVD very seriously, to me thatís like a movie of its own, not just a few pieces put together. But you have to know how to wait until the audience is really going wild for the DVD Ė then itís twice the fun.

When did you start getting interested in movies?
I think I got that with my babymilk. I also got the job at the videostore with the words Iíd be a walking video encyclopedia.

How many movies do you watch during a week?
Hard to say. While I am working, like now, itís only very few. A few days ago I watched ĎThe Italian jobí, and I liked it, from the directing to the actors.

Where do you get your best ideas?
Mostly, when Iím in my music room and play old records and sing along to them. In the trailer to Kill Bill you can hear Japanese music, which I ran into while browsing my collection. I liked it so much that I just had to put it in somewhere.
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Reply #86 on: July 13, 2003, 12:08:03 PM
wow, this rumor is really picking up steam...


Kill Bill to be Split Into Two Films After All?
Source: Entertainment Weekly Saturday, July 12, 2003

Columnists Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith first learned from actor David Carradine back in February that Quentin Tarantino may be making Miramax's Kill Bill into a double feature.

"Shooting has been going on so long -- with Quentin continuing to write scenes -- that plans are afoot to turn 'Kill Bill' into two 90-minute features that would be released within five weeks of each other," he said. "The first film would end with a cliffhanger, so that everyone would want to see the second half."

His words were quickly dismissed by folks, but the same story has now resurfaced in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. They say that, according to sources close to the production, studio chief Harvey Weinstein screened sequences of the long-gestating kung-fu revenge film, starring Uma Thurman, last week.

According to the magazine, given the 197-page script, Miramax and the director are still said to be considering cutting the movie into two halves.

i actually think that this might be a cool idea.  as long as they were released within a few weeks of each other.  but, if i have to wait 6 months or something, i'll be pissed.
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Reply #87 on: July 13, 2003, 12:34:22 PM
We probably would have to wait a while after the first is released.  

A part of me wonders how good this is all going to be.
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Reply #88 on: July 14, 2003, 05:14:13 PM
more fuel to the fire...

A while back David Carradine indicated the film was so long that Miramax was considering splitting it into two parts, the claim later denied. Then last week Entertainment Weekly regurgitated the rumour and this time it seems to have more weight although nothing official has yet been said. AICN indicates they've heard that "Kill Bill Volume I" & "Kill Bill Volume II" may be the potential titles but either way we will be getting something on October 10th. Now this past weekend DH has learned David Carradine has yet again spoken up on the issue at the Dallas Comic Con and 'Daniel' was there to reveal what was said - "He stated that Kill Bill may be broken up in to two parts - apparently they have a rough cut of about 200 mins and Miramax along with Tarantino are deciding whether or not to chop the length into one dose or just do it as two movies. Mr. Carradine seemed to believe that they are leaning towards two films though". A final verdict is expected at this weekend's San Diego Comic Con.

on a side note, i'm not sure what my new custom rank means...
Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.


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Reply #89 on: July 15, 2003, 03:53:25 AM
Quote from: themodernage02
on a side note, i'm not sure what my new custom rank means...

u know exactly what it means, buckaroo.
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