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News and Theory / Re: Shot on fucking film
« Last post by wilder on February 16, 2018, 02:41:32 PM »

The Grapevine / Mrs. Hyde
« Last post by wilder on February 16, 2018, 02:18:26 PM »

Serge Bozon’s eccentric comedic thriller is loosely based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with many a twist. Mrs. Géquil (Isabelle Huppert), a timid and rather peculiar physics professor, teaches in a suburban technical high school. Apart from her quiet married life with her gentle stay-at-home husband, she is mocked and despised on a daily basis by pretty much everyone around her—headmaster, colleagues, students. During a dark, stormy night, she is struck by lightning and wakes up a decidedly different person, a newly powerful Mrs. Hyde with mysterious energy and uncontrollable powers.

Written and Directed by Serge Bozon
Starring Isabelle Huppert, Romain Duras, Jose Garcia
Shot on 35mm
Release Date - March 28 in France, US release TBD

Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Phantom Thread - Interviews
« Last post by d on February 16, 2018, 02:15:49 PM »
I'm pretty sure I have seen and read more interviews with Anderson these last few weeks than ever before, combined for all the previous films. Which surely has a lot to do with the fact that he talks a lot about Phantom Thread. I must admit that while he is by far my favorite director I have paid not much attention to the man himself, as a person. Sure, I watched some interviews but if I had to say anything about him even 2-3 years ago I would probably say he is a good talker, a bit self-important maybe, in a way I kind of like or at least understand in artists I respect. And maybe that he doesn't like to do press and generally talk about his work.

Anyway, is it just me or has he changed a lot in recent years? I mean, what was the press conference for the Master when both him and Phoenix didn't even care to pretend they gave a shit? Toronto I guess. I tried to google it now and came across that one: Haven't seen that before but the annoyed/bored body language in first 30 sec show exactly what I mean. Five years later and he seems so much more friendly, for a lack of a better word. More mature? Mellow? Answering the questions (which are not much different and less repetitive than they were for the Master) not just with more patience but apparently genuine enthusiasm. Talking about personal stuff, children etc. It's not just about his answers and attitude to interviews. Seems like a different person sometimes. More humble also. I know the guy is 47 now but the change is striking to me. Even visually. He has gotten older, hasn't he?

Sorry if I digress to much.
This Year In Film / Re: Black Panther
« Last post by jenkins on February 16, 2018, 12:03:27 PM »
okay yeah that's not the kind of attitude i'm going to bring into seeing the movie.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Phantom Thread - Interviews
« Last post by Drenk on February 16, 2018, 11:53:56 AM »
There is some kind of an interview here. It's a Twitter link, I don't know if there is another way to see it.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Phantom Thread - Interviews
« Last post by greenberryhill on February 16, 2018, 10:40:34 AM »
New interview! *With some SPOILERS i guess*

The Small Screen / Re: The X-Files
« Last post by Sleepless on February 16, 2018, 08:51:12 AM »
I could easily leave everything pre-Ghouli in this season. And the only ep I'd save from S10 is Babylon (though even that doesn't stand up so well two years later). Look, the show shouldn't have come back like this. It's aged, the actors have aged, the world is different, and TV is different. Ghouli and Kitten are good episodes - really good by S10-11 standard - but no, in the clear light of day, they don't compare to any of the classic eps. For what it's worth, I wasn't a fan of GA's big scene in Ghouli either. You could see the acting. Not good. But everyone else was raving about it, so on rewatches I tried to appreciate it more, tried to go with it. I still think DD does a much better job in that ep. Forehead Sweat, the more I think about it, might be the worst episode in the history of the show. Yes, far worse even than Fight Club. There are aspects of it I do like (the idea that Reggie was a third partner everyone forgot about) but the way it was handled was atrocious. It was absolutely lazy writing on DM's part, a sloppy victory lap of elements he's used previously and to better end, most notably in his two Millennium eps. But honestly, it was the all the Trump stuff that really damaged it for me. I hate the guy as much as the next sane person, but that's part of why I don't want what used to be my favorite show becoming a shrine to him, even if it is a shrine of hatred. It's interesting how our thoughts on the show have evolved over the past few weeks in particular. Back when we started the podcast, way back in early 2015, the concept was to celebrate this show we loved and get excited for it coming back. And then S10 happened and we tried our best to make a most of it. But listen to the S10 in review ep and you can hear my unease at the unabashed bashing of the show from Avi, Tiff, and Garrett. I'm trying to find the positive, but they're having none of it. And knowing what S10 turned out to be, we've all approached S11 with a bit more caution. So yeah, we'll take the highs when we get them, and perhaps overdo it, but our perspective has definitely shifted from excitement about new episodes to "please let it die, gently, gracefully." We'll talk more about that in upcoming eps I'm sure. Avi and Keva visited the set during principal filming on the season finale. I probably can't say much, but from what I do know, that last ep sounds a right mess. One thing in particular which I know happens sounds utterly retarded and will anger people who were already upset with a certain choice that was made in S10. We have Tiff and Garrett on to talk about that ep, and Keva's going to help me out trying to keep the conversation kinda balanced and on track. But it'll be a cluster, no two ways about it. Avi, Keva, and I are going to do a more relaxed S11 in review ep after that, so that should be a good, more thoughtful review of the revival and probably a bit of mourning for the show. Anyway, it's nice to take a couple of weeks off from the show, and hopefully we'll get another good few eps before MS4 shits all over everything.
This Year In Film / Re: Black Panther
« Last post by samsong on February 16, 2018, 04:46:00 AM »
well, this was no paddington 2, but then again, thats an impossibly high bar to clear.

hugely disappointing.  would go so far as to say it’s bad.  almost dc bad. 
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Phantom Thread - Interviews
« Last post by eward on February 15, 2018, 10:58:07 PM »
I saw Cast Away again recently and dear God did that kick some dirt in my eyes. Tom Hanks is a national treasure.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Phantom Thread - Interviews
« Last post by Lewton on February 15, 2018, 09:49:06 PM »
I finally watched The 'Burbs recently, and this is partly due to PTA praising Tom Hanks' earlier, comedic performances during this interview. I don't think he mentioned this particular movie, but I'm assuming he's a fan.

I just rewatched A League of Their Own last night and holy hell, Tom Hanks is on fire in that one.

I really want to watch that one. Just a few days ago, before watching Apollo 13 and The 'Burbs, the earliest Hanks movie I had seen was Saving Private Ryan. I clearly have a bit to catch up on...
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