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Re: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
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There's a certain lower-middle class of actor, primarily dudes in their 40s-60s who have name recognition from previous success, who currently make a living by simply having a set price for their services and then accepting literally any production that is willing to pay it. Madsen, Tom Sizemore, Eric Roberts, Matthew Modine, my Close Personal Friend Casper Van Dien.... They get to pay their bills, a bunch of low-budget movies increase their selling power by putting a recognizable name and face on the poster, everybody wins.

I recently heard an old interview with Clifton Collins Jr. where he said he made about $40,000 a year, being paid scale, before agent fees and union dues. He said only the DDLs of the world can afford to do a movie every few years. "The rest of us need to take what we can get" etc. This was after he had been in the Star Trek reboot.

Edit: Here's that interview:
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Re: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
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P.S. IMDb:

Status: Filming.


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