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Re: i'll be sharing
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simply, i'm immensely proud of him. we're hundred-percent DIY, and i feel ridiculous at times but he helps me never feel alone. that's Morgan at his Neon Burrito Pubishing booth at the The Great Rock and Roll Flea Market, which is dtown la at The Regent, 11-4.

so xixax is actually not the place i think would most care about this news, but you're sweeties to me when you are and thanks as always. more la news: Cosmic Robotics is available at Book Soup, which I just realized means both irl and url, Cosmic Robotics, Stuck In an Elevator Between the 12th & 14th Floors Of An Apartment Building on Rossmore, automanifest, and Everything Within are available at Skylight Books, they too also mean this in a url way, which kind of trips me out and technically the title of automanifest is deliberately lowercase like the entire book okay, ultimately that's hella chill because why wouldn't it be.

not mentioned is a bunch of tiny disappointments, since they're not quite what keeps one going, you know.
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