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This Year In Film / Re: Black Panther
« Last post by jenkins on February 17, 2018, 08:04:19 PM »
personally i feel calmer now, it's becoming clearer to me. "more people are going to see this than have read The Invisible Man" has been my favorite high-culture insult. Ellison of course. i like that it's letting people down, that they're giving it really high expectations. that's interesting. it's a comic book movie! what days we live in. i most prefer people in over their heads with something big, plus moon shots, and i have zero idea what the marvel production line is like. he brought in his dp and i think he did all he could do to make it his own. it's just not a high-culture genre, i mean....
This Year In Film / Re: Black Panther
« Last post by ono on February 17, 2018, 07:56:13 PM »
I watched the trailer because of the hype, but it made it seem like it wasn't really about anything.  Seemed like a black Avatar, but I've never seen either.  Point being, I want to embrace a movie like this, but there's no reason yet for me to, and I think samsong's last paragraph sums up how I would probably feel about it.
This Year In Film / Re: Black Panther
« Last post by samsong on February 17, 2018, 06:53:36 PM »
the last paragraph of keith uhlich's review sums it up pretty well for me:

“The tension between commerce and craftsmanship is a key facet of American pop cinema. But as the budgets for blockbuster tentpoles have gotten larger and the projects more risk-averse (with Marvel Studios and its parent company, Walt Disney Pictures, as Exhibit A overlords of the trend) it’s become much too easy to acclaim fleeting inspiration and shallow gesturing toward diversity and goodwill as some kind of apogee. There is no doubt that Coogler makes the most that he can out of this property. And it’s more than certain that Black Panther will give audiences, especially underrepresented ones, a vision of themselves that Hollywood historically denies. And still the film seems, even at its best, like an apex of lowered expectations.”

i thought coogler was clearly in over his head handling something this big.  any semblance of personal style creed (i haven't seen fruitvale station) hinted at is virtually gone in black panther.  it's a very sterile product off the marvel production line.  on a technical level i found the movie wholly mediocre.  the action set pieces are pretty lifeless and incoherent. 
 it's clear coogler understands the cultural importance of a movie like this with his thematic moon shots, but his reach exceeds his grasp by quite a bit.   well intentioned but really poorly executed.

Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Phantom Thread - Interviews
« Last post by Tdog on February 17, 2018, 12:36:38 PM »
Crazy part from the Dylan Tichenor interview about deleted stuff:

"TICHENOR: This is the fireside chat. This scene was originally many times this length. A lot more dialogue. Sections about his children and the baby-mamas, etc. About Alma’s desire to be a wife… a lot… minutes. But, ultimately, and from the beginning really, it was rhythmically obviously too long, but also way too many things in it. In paring down the film we took out most of this scene, so it plays as part of the falling-in-love date and not as its own chapter"

Im glad that stuff isnt in the movie. It kind of complicates things a bit too much although it's not unrealistic for the times.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Everything twitter
« Last post by WorldForgot on February 17, 2018, 05:38:49 AM »
This Year In Film / Re: Black Panther
« Last post by WorldForgot on February 17, 2018, 05:11:03 AM »
Ludwig Goransson's score is something else ~

Really dig this flick. It feels like a genuine burst of personality. The first since Guardians Vol 1, maybe. Michael B Jordan, as always, elevates every scene (and every other performance). Usually the sidekicks in Marvel movies don't do anything for the dynamics or story but Princess Shuri and Nakia + Okoye feel fully realized, T'Challa'z missing pieces. So, yes, the performances, but also the script. It's tight. An origin story that considers 'origin' as thematic scope.

Ruth Carter's costume designs go from Bond to tribal futurism and back.
If T'Challa is new Cap can Shuri be new Stark? plz n tx
The Director's Chair / Re: Peter Greenaway
« Last post by jenkins on February 17, 2018, 01:32:50 AM »
The Director's Chair / Re: Peter Greenaway
« Last post by wilder on February 17, 2018, 01:14:09 AM »
Peter Greenaway is 'director of the week' on Filmstruck right now. These are up there to stream, along with a new 15 min interview:

-The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989)
-The Draughtman's Contract (1982)
-The Falls (1980)
-The Pillow Book (1996)
-Prospero's Books (1991)
-A Zed & Two Noughts (1985)
This Year In Film / Re: Black Panther
« Last post by Kal on February 17, 2018, 12:19:55 AM »
well, this was no paddington 2, but then again, thats an impossibly high bar to clear.

hugely disappointing.  would go so far as to say it’s bad.  almost dc bad.

I know this isn't a superhero loving board, but I don't understand how this movie is bad... as far as comic book adaptations and superhero movies go, it's pretty great I think and I am very impressed with Coogler's work once again, the visuals, the music, and loved the cast.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Phantom Thread - Interviews
« Last post by Fuzzy Dunlop on February 16, 2018, 11:36:03 PM »
I think he gave more interviews for magnolia than any of his others, but that was back when he was in manic-cocaine-wunderkind mode.

Loving the amount of interviews he's been doing for this press tour, he knows what he's gotta do to sell the film and seems cool with it. And its been really nice to see him in such a good place.
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