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The Art Gallery / Re: i'll be sharing
« Last post by jenkins on June 20, 2017, 05:04:42 PM »
xx. i should've put it in the book. i would've been happy with either of course.

its sale is currently on pause, as i'm reading a physical copy and noticing final things. maybe 13 typos i've noticed, which number i'm biased toward and is semi-accurate, within 170pgs. they all rush me to the computer and none of them break my heart or destroy the spirit. in literature land the ones with the typos are the collector's edition.

polka thanks again. i mean, it's really fun to thank you. i'm not sure why but thanks. i'm posi that if you got a capsule review to help the community it'd help the community. but ultimately like the mother says in Volver everything about us is up to us. i've done what i've thought i can do. the book was sent to 4 writers. so i did that too. the final scenario is at least that the next news will be the release of my new book. it's ridiculous to think of me walking away from writing.
The Art Gallery / Re: i'll be sharing
« Last post by polkablues on June 20, 2017, 04:46:32 PM »
Hey everyone, look what came in the mail today.

For fun, here's the first cover design I made, which is nice and I like it on its own merits, but I like the one that ended up being used much better. Still, a nice little easter egg for the completists out there.

it's june 20. six months out. the other hope is there's an amazing title they're keeping secret in order to knock our socks off

I hope the tittle is "There Will Be Fashion Dude"  :yabbse-grin:

(tentatively titled) fashion drama “Phantom Thread,”

it's june 20. six months out. the other hope is there's an amazing title they're keeping secret in order to knock our socks off
Whoa. Maybe this new PTA shit is so good he knows he'll never be able to top it.

I hope all is well between him and PTA! He is 60 and works so selectively, so he probably only had a few roles left anyway
The Small Screen / Re: Better Call Saul
« Last post by Jeremy Blackman on June 20, 2017, 02:02:42 AM »

Midway through the episode, I had a few thoughts about Chuck. Wow, they're really going hardcore making him irredeemable. Wow, what is he doing to his house? That was so far beyond any destruction he had previously done, I felt like they were totally jumping the shark with his mental illness. But then, considering how things ended, it does feel suitably apocalyptic in retrospect.

A couple things still nag at me, though. I sort of wonder why Chuck so freely and carelessly destroyed his house if he still wanted to live at that point. Also, burning to death is one of the absolute worst ways to die. (In this case, I don't think he can count on being asphyxiated first.)

This episode was stuffed full of Jimmy redemption. All of his content with Kim was "save the cat" on steroids. I bought it — those scenes were well played — but it does seem strange to push all of that into one episode after having no idea what their domestic life has been like (at all) recently.

More problematic — Jimmy conned those old ladies last episode with no visible remorse, all the way to the end. He even witnessed the consequences and didn't bat an eye. I genuinely don't understand what changed his mind. The things he did last episode (which was even called "Fall") were supposed to push him further towards Saul-ness. But now the writers have reversed that progress and also redeemed him an extra step or two. Seems like a waste.

One might even argue they're jerking around the character to achieve plot goals. I wouldn't go that far, but it does seem like they hit the "abort" button and decided to keep Jimmy fully likable for a while longer. In this episode, Jimmy made enormous sacrifices, apologized to Chuck, humiliated himself in front of the old ladies and Chuck, blanketed Kim with love and support (he even wanted to feed her), and continuously expressed all kinds of remorse that came out of nowhere. I mean... they really used the brute force method here.

This reeks a bit of Walter's completely unearned partial redemption at the end of Breaking Bad. I continue to feel the heavy hand of the writers moving the pieces around on the board. I don't listen to the insider podcast, which I thought would prevent me feeling that way, but it has not.

Just need to end on a positive note (because I still enjoyed this). My favorite moment of the episode was Gus looking at Nacho after the ambulance pulled away. His spidey sense was definitely tingling.

Actually the extended standing ovation for Chuck was the best part. Amazing scene.
The Small Screen / Re: Better Call Saul
« Last post by polkablues on June 19, 2017, 05:58:36 PM »
Part of the problem with Mike's storyline is that the very nature of his character precludes the possibility of any major twists or setbacks at this point in his story. His character is defined by his competence and carefulness, and given that we can now draw a straight line between where his character now is in Better Call Saul and where he is when we're introduced to the character in Breaking Bad, there's simply not much in the way of real drama and surprise that can interrupt that line without fundamentally changing the story. Until he is eventually overwhelmed by the whirlwind of chaos that is Walter White, there's not much for him to do but bide his time in a succinct, professional manner while other stories go on around him.

Sucks, because he's my favorite Breaking Bad character by a wide margin, but I think it would do the show well to pull away from him next season, only bring him in when he dovetails directly with Jimmy's storyline.
The Small Screen / Re: Better Call Saul
« Last post by diggler on June 19, 2017, 05:29:20 PM »
I can agree with that, it's hard to see past the prequel nature to find the point of it all. Mike has already had his arc, teaming up with Gus feels like an inevitability. Gus is a very interesting character but that was mostly due to his ambiguous nature. Knowing every detail about his rise could only serve to demystify him and cheapen the great story we already got.

It feels like the middle movie in a saga, where everyone is on their separate adventures and will come to some sort of climax in the next film. That climax is Breaking Bad so it will be hard for this show to feel like a complete story. I think that's where the black and white flash forwards come in. At least you don't know where that's going yet. I think in the end that will have been the show's smartest decision.
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