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News and Theory / Re: The Best Movies About Making Movies
« Last post by Sleepless on Yesterday at 11:49:11 AM »
Someone quoted it the other day, but:

People: they have moods.

This thread should have ended with Matt's post.
He’s clearly just in a hurry. I saw him signing stuff in a similarly brisk fashion outside the DGA Theater two weeks ago, as he was being impatiently ushered into a waiting vehicle...struck me as quite generous that he was even bothering to do it at all, given the circumstances.
Will Smith enjoys being a celebrity. Perhaps PTA does not.
David Lynch / Re: The Official Twin Peaks Thread (TOTPT)
« Last post by Jeremy Blackman on Yesterday at 11:06:21 AM »
Wally, who appears for one scene, is a reference to James in late season 2, but otherwise you’re fine.

The finale is essential viewing though, along with FWWM.
News and Theory / Re: Directors by Decade - USA
« Last post by ono on Yesterday at 10:48:51 AM »
What kind of criteria do you use for inclusion?  For instance, Seimetz has only done one feature so her inclusion is questionable.  Louis CK should be under 90s because his first film, Tomorrow Night, was made in 1998.

In any event, you left off:

Kevin Smith
Nicole Holofcener

David Gordon Green
Joe Swanberg

Will add more as I think of them.
Filmmakers' Workshop / Re: The Black List (Scripts)
« Last post by ono on Yesterday at 09:55:52 AM »
2017 Black List

And my thoughts:

Pass on Ruin, Let Her Speak, Keeper of the Diary, Where I End, When Lightning Strikes.  Breaking News in Yuba County sounds like a ripoff of Morvern Callar.  Meh to Sleep Well Tonight and The Great Nothing.  When In Doubt, Seduce -- what?  Yawn to The Expansion Project.  Meh to Newsflash and V.I.N.  Ugh to Come As You Are.  Yawn to Hughes.  Meh to The Mother and Ruthless.  Really?  One Thousand Paper Cranes might be something in the hands of the right director.  Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know sounds dumb, as does Valedictorian.  Been ages since I've seen Election, but this seems like a more extreme version of that.  I was with the logline until I read the words, "even murder."  Just dumb.

Meh to Power.  When I read the words drug dealer or assassin in these things my brain immediately shuts off.  Meh to Arc of Justice.  Meh to Kate.  Key of Genius wants to be Whiplash which I refuse to see because I won't support abuse as a viable teaching technique.  La La Land was great, Chazelle, but that don't mean your earlier shit don't stink.  It do.  But I digress.  The Man from Tomorrow -- meh.  A pox on biopics.  It's rare that they transcend.  Ballerina sounds dumb.  I shut off my mind when I read Navy SEAL too.  The Kingbreaker -- really?  And I shut off my brain when I read Nazis, too.  No thanks, Liberation.

Things I'd like to read: Yes please to stuff like Daddio, Jellyfish Summer, Brosio, and Don't Be Evil.  Escape From the North Pole could be fun, as could Fubar.  If only Robin Williams were alive.  I like the sound of Infinite.  Kill Shelter could be good, too.  Moxie sounds fun.  Escape could be fun, but it's been done so many times.  Gadabout is interesting.  Innocent Monsters -- yay reflexive stuff, but after Adaptation, who knows if anything can compare.  The Other Lamb could be interesting.

Granted, of course, I have no way of knowing if any of these things are actually good.  Obviously just shooting from the hip based on what interests me in a log line.  I stopped on page 18 of 32.  Maybe once some scripts start to leak or there's some data of how many mentions each of these really got, I'll go back and see which ones are really worth checking out.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Has anyone here ever met PTA? Tell us your stories....
« Last post by Tdog on Yesterday at 08:46:49 AM »
Sorry, but if you're in entertainment being rude to your fans is unacceptable. Bottom line.

^^^ These guys were trying to leave their hotel and look at how they handled it.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Other actors/directors/etc. who mention PTA
« Last post by Lottery on Yesterday at 06:48:47 AM »
Interesting. Franco himself was considered for The Master.

“Well, I don’t know if this is a funny story but it’s a true story,” he said. “Paul Thomas Anderson was getting ready to make the Master and he called me and we met. And we talked and we ended up meeting for coffee. We didn’t talk about the Master but I met him to chat. And then he kept calling me and he wanted to talk and talk but I didn’t know what he wanted to talk about because we’d always just kind of bulls— on the phone. So then when he started talking about the role he said ‘Do you feel like you can do this?’ And I said ‘Yeah, totally. Look, I think you’re like the best American director. I feel confident. I know I can do this.’ And he said to me ‘But I want this to scare you. I want this role, going on this journey to scare you.’ And I was like ‘Scare?! I know I can do it.” Franco now had the laughing audience in the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental ballroom in the palm of his hand. “And so, incredible movie, needless to say I didn’t get the part. I guess I wasn’t scared enough or something, or whatever reason I didn’t get it. And then when I saw Joaquin in that movie I realized ‘Oh, he wanted me to like lose my mind.’ And so I guess that’s just to say I usually don’t get scared of roles.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Other actors/directors/etc. who mention PTA
« Last post by KJ on Yesterday at 06:41:38 AM »
has this been posted?

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