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The Green Fog

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on: March 27, 2018, 02:46:46 PM

Directors: Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson
Editors: Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson

In Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent via Acropolis starting today, 3/27, then playing at Arena Cinelounge for a week

“The Green Fog” compiles bits from about 100 San Fran-set movies and TV shows into a quasi-narrative pastiche that ostensibly pays tribute to Hitchcock’s “Vertigo.[...]
While there’s only one fleeting, incidental actual shot from “Vertigo” here, “The Green Fog” is suffused with a very Hitchcockian sense of intrigue, romance and suspense — even if the overall effect of this mashup is inevitably somewhat genre-parodic. Divided into nominal chapters, the movie is more thematic than linear, as we move from clips personifying preliminary action (which underline how many rooftop foot chases have been shot in San Francisco) to scenes that emphasize familial torment among the rich (notably involving Lana Turner, Anthony Quinn and Sandra Dee in 1960 Ross Hunter joint “Portrait in Black”), and so forth. It all inevitably leads to a pileup of truly vertiginous and earth-shaking climaxes, including, of course, the re-creation of 1906’s big rumble in “San Francisco” (1936). [Variety]

The effect is a bit like watching "Vertigo" recomposed with ransom-note letters, set to a score (composed by Jacob Garchik and performed by the Kronos Quartet) that builds to its own Bernard Herrmann-esque swells of anxiety. If Hitchcock's movie was a romantic tragedy about the impossibility of reconstructing the object of one's desire, then "The Green Fog" is, fittingly, an imperfect double of sorts. [LA Times]

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Reply #1 on: May 22, 2018, 04:56:15 AM
This was a lot of fun. There are some tremendous sequences where all the dialogue has been removed from very dialog-heavy scenes, leaving only fumbled attempts at starting a conversation, puzzled looks, epiphanies out of nowhere, and, surprisingly, tons of sexual tension where there probably wasn't any before.