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How movies are made explains the power (and potential abuse) in Hollywood

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Six corporate-owned major studios remain at the top of the Hollywood movie pyramid: Paramount, Sony, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Walt Disney and Warner Bros. All serve as one-stop production houses producing, marketing, publicizing and distributing big-budget films such as Justice League, Warner/DC Films' latest superhero movie.

The bottom line-oriented majors rely on safe, tested concepts, with release schedules that are heavy on sequels, franchises and branded content (from Rocky to Harry Potter) the "tentpole" movies that are reliable moneymakers in an era when cinemas face strong headwinds.

I found this depressing, for some reason.  (Naivete on my part, I suppose.  Or I'm remembering a time when this wasn't the case...).

There are still risk-takers who earn big budgets for original stories, such as Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, thanks to their successful box-office track record. And independent auteurs like Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson are able to work with investors to bring their ideas to the screen on a scaled-down budget to minimize financial exposure.
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