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Wild Wild Country (Netflix Documentary)

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on: March 18, 2018, 02:56:34 PM

  A Netflix Original documentary series about a controversial cult leader who builds a utopian city in the Oregon desert, resulting in conflict with the locals that escalates into a national scandal. Coming March 16.

  Directors:  Chapman Way, Maclain Way

The latest must-binge original offering from Netflix comes in the shape of a six-part documentary series about a small religious movement (or cult, if you prefer) that moved into a small Oregon town in the 1980s. Easily one of the craziest documentaries I’ve ever seen, Chapman and Maclain Way’s six-part series “Wild Wild Country” boasts a profound narrative with intricate human beings, an amass of intellectual themes and more twists than you can count. Told chronologically and using 250+ hours of footage and extensive new interviews, it places you into the contrasting experiences of people in this bizarre saga, leaving you to wonder in part how such a story could have been so forgotten by American history.
   --Nick Allen

I was hooked half way through the first episode.
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Reply #1 on: March 26, 2018, 06:50:41 PM
the subject itself is fascinating.  unfortunately this is a case of filmmakers getting in the way of their material.  it's like they cherry-picked every single fashionable facet of "cutting edge" documentaries, implemented all of those things without much thought, and ramped it up to 11.