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on: February 19, 2018, 12:24:42 PM

Checked this one out for the two leads, who both didn't disappoint, and because I had recently read Ebert's review for In A Lonely Place where he writes a brief summary of Gloria Graham's affair with the son of her then husband Nicholas Ray, an interesting little Hollywood fact I was not aware of. The story is pretty routine, one that deals with a situation taking place in the present (early 80's) yet interlaces (pretty seamlessly) scenes from the past to further illuminate the history of the story's main relationship. Benning is good as always, capturing the flair of a B&W starlet, and Jamie Bell does his thing (his stedicam walks were actually a highlight), but what really kept me in the game were the little strokes of authenticity, using footage from Graham's Oscar win and a clip from an old film.This is nothing new, but nothing new done well.