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Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Untitled PTA Project (2020)
« Last post by Nails9 on Yesterday at 11:27:25 PM »
The Wookcock Pic's not a big dick epic?
Real-Life Soundtracks / Re: Now Playing
« Last post by Nails9 on Yesterday at 11:24:31 PM »
Y'Georgie Boyz den?

The Grapevine / Re: Joker (2019)
« Last post by Nails9 on Yesterday at 11:19:44 PM »
This all feels too on the nose *HONK HONK*

From the casting, to the influences it's been flapping up and down on it's dickie, I can only feel like I've seen it already.

Hide those card's Mr. Old-School-Hangover, Jokers should be wild.

yet I'd gladly eat those words like a peach for hours.
The Director's Chair / Re: Todd Haynes
« Last post by wilder on Yesterday at 10:35:29 PM »
Todd Haynes to Direct Drama ‘Dry Run’
via Variety

Todd Haynes is set to direct Participant Media’s “Dry Run,” a movie based on the New York Times Magazine article about the lawyer who took on the chemical company DuPont.

Participant and Mark Ruffalo are producing the pic from a rewrite by Mario Correa. Matthew Carnahan penned the first draft. Sources say Ruffalo is also considering starring in the film as the lawyer, but negotiations have yet to begin.

Based on Nathaniel Rich’s New York Times Magazine article “The Lawyer Who Became DuPont’s Worst Nightmare”, the untitled film centers around Robert Bilott, who had been practicing as a corporate defense attorney for eight years when he took on an environmental lawsuit against the chemical company DuPont. The suit turned into a battle exposing a decades-long history of chemical pollution.

Haynes has spent most of his career developing his own projects and rarely meets for open directing assignments like this one. The history of the Du Ponts, however, holds similarities to some of the flawed characters Haynes has depicted in previous films like “Far From Heaven,” “Carol,” and the Bob Dylan drama “I’m Not There.”
The Grapevine / Joker (2019)
« Last post by eward on Yesterday at 08:42:57 PM »

My bread and butter through December. Think this is really going to turn out well.
This Year In Film / Re: Stan & Ollie
« Last post by jenkins on Yesterday at 06:57:19 PM »
biopics of famous historical figures are my least favorite thing ever. which isn't new to me but i'm just being reminded recently for whatever reason. isn't there nothing easier to make?

First Man is a prime example. while The Old Man & the Gun is more like Melvin and Howard to me, in other words the lead character isn't a famous historical figure but just a rather interesting one, and the overall intention is quite different, which i only mention to not throw the baby out with the bathwater
This Year In Film / Stan & Ollie
« Last post by wilberfan on Yesterday at 06:08:41 PM »

The true story of Hollywood’s greatest comedy double act, Laurel and Hardy, is brought to the big screen for the first time. Starring Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly as the inimitable movie icons, Stan & Ollie is the heart-warming story of what would become the pair’s triumphant farewell tour.

With their golden era long behind them, the pair embark on a variety hall tour of Britain and Ireland. Despite the pressures of a hectic schedule, and with the support of their wives Lucille (Shirley Henderson) and Ida (Nina Arianda) – a formidable double act in their own right - the pair’s love of performing, as well as for each other, endures as they secure their place in the hearts of their adoring public.

Jon S. Baird   

Jeff Pope 

Faye Ward 

Steve Coogan
John C. Reilly
Shirley Henderson
Nina Arianda
Danny Huston
Rufus Jones

I've got a huge, soft spot in my heart for "The Boys", as I used to watch them with my Dad when I was but a wee small lad.  Got my fingers crossed for this one.  I like the casting, and I think the two leads have captured the voices quite well.  Reilly's make up is good--but I'm still having a bit of an Uncanny Valley thing where I'm simultaneously seeing Babe and Reilly.  He's always awesome, though, so if anyone can pull this off, he can. 
This Year In Film / Re: John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection - Documentary
« Last post by wilberfan on September 20, 2018, 09:52:08 PM »
Saw this opening day.  The first third was rather interesting, as he approaches the subject from a different angle than typically taken in a conventional documentary.   Ultimately I ended up a bit disengaged in the last half of the film, and ended up searching out a much more interesting (to me, at least) telling of the Mac and Bjorn dynamics told by the two principals themselves via YouTube
This Year In Film / John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection - Documentary
« Last post by wilder on September 20, 2018, 05:55:16 PM »

JOHN MCENROE: IN THE REALM OF PERFECTION revisits the rich bounty of 16-mm-shot footage of the left-handed tennis star John McEnroe, at the time the world’s top-ranked player, as he competes in the French Open at Paris’s Roland Garros Stadium in 1984. Close-ups and slow motion sequences of McEnroe competing, as well as instances of his notorious temper tantrums, highlight a ”man who played on the edge of his senses.”

Far from a traditional documentary, Faraut probes the archival film to unpack both McEnroe’s attention to the sport and the footage itself, creating a lively and immersive look at a driven athlete, a study on the sport of tennis and the human body and movement, and finally how these all intersect with cinema itself

Written and directed by Julien Faraut
Release Date - August 25, 2018
The Grapevine / Re: Halloween
« Last post by eward on September 20, 2018, 02:13:07 PM »
This has me feeling wonderfully geekily anticipatory
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