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I think one of the best bits of news to come out of this thing is the revelation that Pinocchio might still happen. I love that Robert Downey Jr. is so passionate about this project -- there's just something great and surprising about focusing on Pinocchio of all things, even amid the other remakes of The Lion King and The Jungle Book and whatever.

At one point, Anderson was reportedly the director and writer, and then, suddenly, Ron Howard became the director? Given PTA's comments, I wonder what's currently going on. Perhaps there's still a chance for him to helm the project after his next movie, at which point RDJ may be done with his Marvel movies, especially if they end up giving his Iron Man character a heroic end or something.
The Small Screen / Re: The X-Files
« Last post by Sleepless on Yesterday at 11:30:03 AM »
So glad you're enjoying. I've been afraid this go around wasn't as great, so that's very good to hear. Yes, Keva rocks, and the best person to be involved if there's only one guest. She'll be involved a lot more this season. Roi and Jessa are back next ep. Roi's overseas now, but we're trying to make it work for her to do more. Glen Morgan and James Wong used to write together and did some of the best S1,2+4 eps. Would have to give some greater thought on if they're/he's best at writing her though. Honestly, I would have liked to see Gillian to have taken on (co)writing an ep again, maybe with one of the Female Writers they cued up for this season.
Agreed - just saw it again on 35 (at Metrograph), and though I've seen it a million times by now and can recite it word for word, I had a totally unexpected gushingly emotional reaction to it, the likes of which I haven't experienced in years. Magnolia is such an integral part of who I am, it's impossible to be objective about its alleged "flaws". It all counts in adding up to me. I wouldn't change a frame.

Imagine being so fucking cool that Magnolia is the thing that embarrasses you?
Yes, he's proud of it, but I think he's kind of ashamed by Magnolia. Serious question: How can you cut 20 minutes from it? What would you cut? I watched it recently and everything seemed essential. 
He's trolling.

But he seems to care and be proud of Junun more than one may think. Wrote that he is glad the person asking about Junun had seen it. In one of the recent podcasts he said something about "nobody seeing it" with regret in his voice, sort of.

Some nice answers, not very revealing. Great to see he has done commentary for Phantom Thread. Would love to get some extras on bluray. Name dropping Chivo and Richardson was unexpected for me. His possible collaboration with especially the former sounds amazing. Also, glad to know he is most proud of my personal fav - The Master.
Other Media / Re: misc book thread
« Last post by wilder on Yesterday at 12:15:08 AM »
jenkins [16|Jan 07:55 PM]:   I blew her a kiss and it shattered the window and exploded her head and went through the wall behind her, through the entire building and everything else in its path into the sky, moving so fast it didn't ever disrupt clouds, up and up, halving an airplane as it continued into space, crushing meteoroids such that they smothered and killed stars, piercing and assassinating the sun, eventually reaching the end of everything and opening a hole in the lining, deflating it and carrying it off like a popped balloon.
jenkins [16|Jan 07:58 PM]:   that's the final line to The Garbage Times, which is 1/2 novellas that comes in one volume bounded in tete-bech (there is no back cover: there are two front covers and the text is flipped)
jenkins [16|Jan 07:59 PM]:   you guys sometimes the kids are so good seriously. that's Sam Pink. and really he writes in this like normal-people prose, like a refreshed version of Bukowski perhaps, like that, he hang out with the homeless, all the time, he's a security guard in a bar in this book, and that's his fucking final line. it's like omg

I wish we had learned more about him preparing and shooting "Daydreaming." I think he mentioned elsewhere that it was done in a few days, despite all of those locations, so that sounds really crazy and interesting. Maybe the Twitter Q&A will offer something on that front...
Other Media / Re: Joe Frank
« Last post by wilder on January 16, 2018, 08:26:57 PM »
A memorial page with many remembrances.

KCRW & Ira Glass weigh in (@ the 27:40 mark)
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