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News and Theory / Re: Filmstruck
« Last post by jenkins on Yesterday at 06:36:08 PM »
ono yeah, JustWatch yeah. and you can search FilmStruck before signing up, here's the link
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Phantom Thread fan artwork
« Last post by jenkins on Yesterday at 06:32:05 PM »

Hi, Paul! I wanted to show you the artwork I made for Phantom Thread! Also, did Punch-Drunk Love really ever have an alien-related storyline and set designs that were taken out of the film?
lovely. thank you for showing me.
no, no aliens in punch drunk...always thought of some of it a sci-fi kinda way though. just the weird aliens landing vibe of the beginning. like emily w. was dropped into his lap from a spaceship.
Lewton, who is a literal angel, updated his post to include the tweets that came after his initial post.

my Call Me By Your Name situation is unique to me. at first i thought i should see it, then before i saw it i was convinced i wouldn't like it, and i found all the reasons i wouldn't like it. but it's been building itself back up for me, owing to being praised by Lowery, then i learned of Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, then i learned of André Aciman, and now PT keeps praising it. so i'm fighting against my natural impulses before engaging with the movie, which i haven't done before. fighting my impulses is rather new to me in general.
News and Theory / Re: Filmstruck
« Last post by ono on Yesterday at 05:13:32 PM »
No, it rotates.  Ask, and I'll look one up for you.  Or use JustWatch.
The Art Gallery / Re: The Old Souls Revival
« Last post by Neil on Yesterday at 04:32:07 PM »
Very nice, the production value is really high.

I think your vocalist would sound much better with more processing though (perhaps to make him sound more distant/reverbish) or he needs to dial back the growling a bit. His close-to-the-mic raw vocal kind of clashes with the rest of your sound.

JB, over the last few years I've sort of learned how to sing! Less growling, and a little more smoothness.

I'll be listening to this all day at work tomorrow. Really love the first two albums, so been looking forward to this.  :yabbse-thumbup: :yabbse-thumbup:  :yabbse-thumbup:

Thanks for listening Sleepless, Hopefully, you enjoyed it!!!!!!
He´s answering new questions now!!! He´s back on twitter :shock:
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Phantom Thread fan artwork
« Last post by Lewton on Yesterday at 04:17:40 PM »
I could see this next to one of those New Yorker blurbs

I could see this getting praised by PTA himself during a Twitter Q&A...! Pretty cool.

Also, am I mistaken or did someone from these forums show PTA their artwork and actually got a response? Congratulations to Rooty Poots.

Thanks! Yup, that was me!

Aha. My friend asked the question about France. But it's probably gonna be a VIP screening...

Your friend should qualify as a VIP because of the tweet!
Aha. My friend asked the question about France. But it's probably gonna be a VIP screening...
I'm not sure if the tweeted questions are quite as prone to the same kind of disappearances that happen with AMAs, but just in case, here. I don't want to lose the context to some of these great and hilarious answers. I was going to move this over into the other post, but it looks way too long that way.

Just in case it ever vanishes, the "have you ever seen this?" question is in reference to Julianne Moore's appearance on Billy on the Street, in which she acted out some of her dialogue from Magnolia.

Also, am I mistaken or did someone from these forums show PTA their artwork and actually got a response? Congratulations to Rooty Poots.

PTA's Twitter Q&A:

Hi PTA, I was wondering which emerging filmmakers and writers are you digging right now and would recommend others to check out?
Hi Michelle - well I really liked this movie from a director named Alexi Pappas - called Tracktown.   it's good. Lemme think of more...

What is the most promising young filmmaker in Hollywood? @DSChazelle? @BarryJenkins? @JordanPeele?
I think they're past promise and in full blown explosion mode.  I cannot wait to see what they do next.  It's so exciting to have filmmakers to look forward to their next ones....feel like that hasn't happened in a while.

Okay. I've got this script. It's rock solid and no one can direct this thing but me... but I've only ever made short films and can't just do this thing with friends.
What now? How do I convince them I'm their guy?

Sounds like you need a Corner Man. and if you don't have one, you gotta be your own Corner Man.  I'll be your corner man....don't worry about convincing. just get on with it. head down. eyes on the road. good luck

Huge admirer of your work Paul, I know this might be a long shot but could you watch this brief clip of my portrayal of Tennessee Williams?
Richie - nice one. thanks for that.   

Hi PTA! Knowing the facts that Daniel Day-Lewis keep his caracter all the shooting time. Which one has been the more easier to work with? Daniel Plainview or Reynolds Woodcock
Well, I liked being in the wide open spaces with Plainview digging for oil.  Reynolds house was a bit claustrophobic.  I think Plainview would kill me, however, while Reynolds would just stab you with his wicked tongue. Plainview was less fussy, so I say Plainview 

Hi Paul! Could you suggest a lens to use with my Blackmagic Pocket cam that'll help give a coarser/grainier image?

You'll need an adapter...this might not be exactly right, but something like it...

Hi, Paul! I wanted to show you the artwork I made for Phantom Thread! Also, did Punch-Drunk Love really ever have an alien-related storyline and set designs that were taken out of the film?
lovely. thank you for showing me.
no, no aliens in punch drunk...always thought of some of it a sci-fi kinda way though. just the weird aliens landing vibe of the beginning. like emily w. was dropped into his lap from a spaceship.

Will you make more documentaries like Junun,I've seen it many times,it's great
maybe maybe.

Hi Paul! I´m a huge fan of your films! I see that frequently there are slab plates around your characters. Do they have a special/hidden meaning for you or they´re just a set decoration detail? @Phantom_Thread
holy shit, that's cool. looks like we like our plates. never noticed before.

I notice in a lot of your scripts you leave certain scenes open for TBD improv on set, like these ones from Inherent Vice. Did any moments in Phantom Thread derive from on-set improvisation, or any that got cut? And will you be releasing the script online?
This happens here and there. a feeling that you need a scene or a moment but not quite sure what it is phantom thread had a few but I'm blanking on what they are. the script should be online somehow, somewhere. not sure about that one. maybe i'll ask focus to put it out

Hi Paul! What was your favorite film you watched this year?
Call Me By Your Name

Hello, PTA.  Hope to see your next film soon.
You were open to discuss the filmmaking process in your early days, but around PUNCH or BLOOD, you became more elusive and let the films speak for you, even now.  What motivated you for that change?

always been happy to discuss my filmmaking for anyone who cares. i just took a few years off between those films - didn't have much to say then i suppose.

Are you a member of the PTA at your children's school?
of course i am. i'm the prez.

was wondering whether
1- Are there any cool movie ideas just hanging around your head at the moment?
2-Did you have any crushes on the set of Boogie Nights???
Please work with John C. Reilly again. Love your work

1) Yes i think so
2) my on set crush on boogie night was john c reilly

What do you think are the best elements to making a great short film?
i have no idea. short films are impossible to make well. make it funny? shorts that are funny are always good. serious ones usually kind of suck

what advice would you give to young, aspiring filmmakers + artists?
go to your desk and write and be quiet. and if that doesn't work lay on the couch and daydream.

How do you take a bus from Torrance to Reseda?

Loved Phantom Thread, what was it like shooting on film in London Vs. in the US? Do you think the process will evolve as it re-emerges?
I loved having in London and can't wait to go back. great crew. great fun. great tea. nothing but A++++++ from me. i get to go back next week and i'm counting down the days

france is the best country for fashion, art house movies, and romance. and yet, you're not coming here to introduce your art house movie about romance in the fashion world. why do you hate us?
I'll be there January 30th. get the wine and cheese ready, please.

hello paul just wondering why you were carrying around a copy of thirteen reasons why. did you read it & if so what are your thoughts?
OH MY GOD LOOK AT THE HAPPY COUPLE. what the f is this? we look like we're going to kill someone.    i don't know what that is in my pocket. probably the back of a magazine? holy jesus. can we remove  this picture from the world?

Hey Paul! What's your favorite soundtrack moment in a Demme film? Thanku!!

when is HARD NINE coming out
Memorial Day Weekend

Oh also, what're the odds we'll ever see you direct a full-on horror movie? Asking for most of Film Twitter.
5-1? 3-2?

Hi PTA, thank you for this beautiful movie. Can you have Maya send us a video reviewing the film as Whitney Houston?
that's funny

In There Will Be Blood, are Paul and Eli Sunday definitely two different people? Some people have said they might not be! Such a great movie
two different people.  looks like twins to me, too.

PHANTOM THREAD is so closely aligned with REBECCA that the two films are almost in dialogue. It goes beyond merely influential. How would you describe that relationship?
Incestuous.    Kissing Cousins.       Rebecca is that great grandmother in the picture that you never met that looks just like you but isn't you. 

What is your favourite Robert Altman movie? (A difficult question, I know)

What was the last project you coloured photochemically? Would you think about doing it again?
Have never NOT done it this way. As long as they're making the chemicals, i'll be using 'em.

will you work with adam sandler again please
yes, sir, my pleasure.

what is your favorite Charles Bronson film of the '80s?
errr....death wish? I don't know. never saw one of 'em to be honest. i liked him in Great Escape and Once Upon a Time in the west and indian runner

Do you watch this every year on your birthday?
that's funny and cringy i can't watch that . o lord. hilarious.

When is Boogie Nights 2: Electric Boogie-loo coming out?
Memorial Day Weekend

Hi PTA! What are some movies you wish you had the chance to see for the first time in theaters?
P.S. I got to see Phantom Thread in 70mm at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago and it was an amazing moviegoing experience. It made me so happy and inspired, thank you!

Great question. North By Northwest. I heard it opened at Radio city Music hall. also the godfather at radio city.  wish i'd seen 2001 when it came out. wish i could have gone to A Place in The Sun opening day. i love this game.

If you’d wish you had directed the first 40-min of ‘Saving Private Ryan’, why in hell aren’t you writing a 140-min war epic we can all be excited about?
Cause i'm fucking around on twitter.    you're right, emilio.

What do you think about Twin Peaks: The Return?
halfway through it. amazing.  some of it is hard to watch at night

hello paul!! i was just wondering if you could tweet me excusing me from my classes tomorrow so i can see phantom thread in cleveland
Dear Teacher, Please let Lauren go to the movies tomorrow.  I think she deserves a break.  She is a good student who works hard, so pretty please, with sugar on top, let her go to the movies.

What's your favorite Jonathan Demme movie?
Today..............Stop Making Sense.   tomorrow.......Something Wild.

What’s your favorite HAIM song?
Honey and I came on the other day and I went a little tiny bit crazy.  that's a good one.

What was your impetus to go from the commercial success of MORTAL KOMBAT to the award-winning BOOGIE NIGHTS? Also, please explain how you were able to make RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION and THE MASTER in the same year.
Ted, I'm at the Pizza Hut AND the Taco Bell.

what should I eat for dinner
Veggie Tacos.

Do you watch much anime?
I don't, but maybe I should. I like it when I see it. where should I start?

What's your favorite Jean-Luc Godard film?
Woman is a Woman

What are your thoughts on Adam Driver's Kylo Ren? Would love to see Driver in one of your flicks, especially after seeing him in a Scorsese and Jarmusch picture.
I Heart Kylo Ren.
But I heart Ray more. What's gonna happen?!?!?!?!

what is the purpose of living
is this a trick question?

I love love love your long lenses on close-ups. What kinda lenses do you usually use for your films?
depends. depends.  spherical anywhere between a 50mm and a 85mm.
anamorphic, 75mm/100mm usually.

How do you have your coffee?
Black like my men.  all hail ZAZ! 

favorite Pynchon book besides Inherent Vice??
Mason & Dixon.

What's your favorite Brian de Palma film?
The Untouchables.

my friend won't watch Magnolia because it's too long what do I do. Also, Magnolia might be the greatest film ever made.
Just tell her/him that it's 90 minutes long. just lie. if it's too late for that, I'd suggest watching Nashville. it's only 89 minutes long

Is there anything you practice outside of filmmaking/writing etc? And why is it creating the illest rap beats?
I need some hobbies.

do you have any plans to work with Joaquin again in the future?

What would you have cut from Magnolia?
nothing, i just like whining about it. it's great.

Do you buy into the concept of “Prestige TV”
is that a thing? that words makes me paranoid. i'm not really into prestige anything. Unless it's Prestige Worldwide.

You're a champion of physical film (and it shows on screen!), but are there any filmmakers you think use digital particularly well?
Fincher. Soderbergh. Chivo.

Hi Paul, what are your feelings on broccoli?
I pretend to like it more than i do.

One major thing the universe is missing out on is a 'Saturday Night Live: Best of Maya Rudolph' compilation DVD...if you could ever put this together (hint hint) what sketches/characters would make the cut?
This is some bullshit. they don't have that? Whitney. National Anthem.Charo.

what is your favorite DDL performance?
besides plainview and woodcock?
see The Ballad of Jack and Rose for a deep cut.

Will you make another comedy again?
just did!

would you rather work with Jesus or do another HAIM video?
Trick question! Jesus IS Haim.

What are we going to do about the lack of after school programs?
Thanks for asking. Come to the meeting this Thursday and we can discuss.

Any more music videos on the way? Loved the recent HAIM film, "Valentine".
yes! something soon too! hush hush

House of Woodcock.  Alma. Phantom Thread. atelier. ? can't remember the titles exactly now.
House of Woodcock.  Alma. Phantom Thread. atelier. ? can't remember the titles exactly now.

Is the Window/Wall scene in The Master a reference to Get Low by Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz?

Could you talk about shooting process of daydreaming music video? And, if you don't mind tell us about last words of thom what he said.
We shot for 3days. we went to a neighrhood here in la. and went from house to house to house on a long street. then we went to the beach. then we went to some more locations. the next day we went downtown &walked through a million more doors and then we went to l. tahoe.

When writing, do you write from the beginning and keep going all the way. Or jump around? Thanks.
start at the beginning . but keep moving, don't get stuck,. so if i have to jump around a little i do.

is this your twitter account @PT_Anderson_  ?
noooo. that not me

Who owns the Boogie Nights prop? You know which one I'm talking about.

Would you like to work with Tom Cruise again?
hell yes.

I've written like 4 scripts that have never seen the light of day. How does a nobody get a job as a screenwriter?
you're already a screenwriter. now you just gotta get those made. do it yourself. 

"There Will Be Blood" pairs with steak and vodka.  What food/drink pairing would you recommend for "Phantom Thread?"
Martini and Omlette.  For Dinner.

Will you approve and participate in the creation of HDR transfers of your movies for 4K Blu-ray?
that's my job! our last day is tomorrow....

my buddy brendan (and also me) would like to know: who is your favorite character of all your films?? (we both think it might be claudia but we're open to surprises!!!)
Clauida's a great one. Jim Kurring too. I like Barry Egan and Freddie Quell too.
Peggy Dodd scares me but I kinda like it.

How's it feel to direct what is set to be Daniel Day-Lewis in his final appearance?
Kinda sad actually.

Can we see the photo ?

how do you feel about low budget neon heavy science fiction surrealist heavy metal filmes about bikers and nic cage?
i'm likin the sound of that. what should i see?

Have you ever seen this?
um. that's pretty fucking great. good lord. julianne is the boss. she's good on the street in the middle of new york.

do you like the Paddington movies? also can you and Maya adopt me pretty please?
getting out to see Part 2 this weekend. loved the first one. we would love to adopt you but we're fully booked right now .

Mean Girls, Bridesmaids or Girls Trip?
come on, man. Bridesmaids.

How do you feel about Rotten Tomatoes?
I prefer mine Fresh.

would you ever go back to making films set in a contemporary world? was so happy seeing the Little of your love and Daydreaming music video because of that.
hope you have a good day!

yes, i think it would be a good idea.

favorite western?
Anything Anthony Mann.

What do you think about Yorgos Lanthimos work?
Can't wait to see PT, but we dont have a relase date here in Mexico :(, you should come!

I loved his work. i haven't seen the new one. he's a big time great filmmaker.

Favorite Will Ferrell movie?
Catalina Wine Mixer
Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Ron Burgundy 1 & 2

What’s your favorite Alfonso Cuaron movie?
Y tu mama
children of men


Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio performance?
Catch Me If You Can!

What did you think of SANTA THREAD?
this is the greatest. we went crazy for this, the kids and me.  thank you thank you thank you.

Favorite Ryan Gosling performance?

Are those common projects?
you know it.

if you had to make a kids movie for your own children, which cartoon would you adapt?
Teen Titans.

what do you think about Amy Adams? Would you like to work with her again?
I sure do.

I know your wife, Maya, is one half of Princess...what is your personal favourite Prince song?
Starfish and Coffee.

Gilberto Gil or Caetano?

Hi Paul, my friend @madisonbrek and I are writing a script called MARKY MARK MY WORDS starring Mark Wahlberg, Mark Ruffalo and Mark Rylance and we wanted to know if you’d be interested in directing
Get Marc Webb. he's good

What is your Spencer Tracey picture?
Bad Day At Black Rock
Adam's Rib
Father of the Bride
Its a Mad mad world

What is your favorite Mike Leigh movie?
Secrets & Lies
Topsy Turvy

did you catch up with Warren Beatty’s RULES DON’T APPLY and, if so, any thoughts?
really liked it. amazing shot of them walking and sitting down to eat hamburgers.

Greetings Paul, love your work - can't wait to see Phantom Thread. I'm waiting for it to hit theaters in Denmark, and I'm wondering if you have ever visited Denmark or plan to? Its nice here :)
Well, we will be sort of near door in Rotterdam playing the film with a live score in a few weeks...
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