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Saw this opening day.  The first third was rather interesting, as he approaches the subject from a different angle than typically taken in a conventional documentary.   Ultimately I ended up a bit disengaged in the last half of the film, and ended up searching out a much more interesting (to me, at least) telling of the Mac and Bjorn dynamics told by the two principals themselves via YouTube
This Year In Film / John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection - Documentary
« Last post by wilder on Yesterday at 05:55:16 PM »

JOHN MCENROE: IN THE REALM OF PERFECTION revisits the rich bounty of 16-mm-shot footage of the left-handed tennis star John McEnroe, at the time the world’s top-ranked player, as he competes in the French Open at Paris’s Roland Garros Stadium in 1984. Close-ups and slow motion sequences of McEnroe competing, as well as instances of his notorious temper tantrums, highlight a ”man who played on the edge of his senses.”

Far from a traditional documentary, Faraut probes the archival film to unpack both McEnroe’s attention to the sport and the footage itself, creating a lively and immersive look at a driven athlete, a study on the sport of tennis and the human body and movement, and finally how these all intersect with cinema itself

Written and directed by Julien Faraut
Release Date - August 25, 2018
The Grapevine / Re: Halloween
« Last post by eward on Yesterday at 02:13:07 PM »
This has me feeling wonderfully geekily anticipatory
The Small Screen / Re: Better Call Saul
« Last post by Jeremy Blackman on Yesterday at 12:29:36 PM »

They were at the in-house bar. But from that conversation and a previous comment from a worker ("where are the girls?"), it's pretty clear that they want prostitutes.
The Small Screen / Re: Better Call Saul
« Last post by Sleepless on Yesterday at 11:43:25 AM »
Didn't they also go for some R&R in a local bar too, this episode?
The Small Screen / Re: Better Call Saul
« Last post by Jeremy Blackman on Yesterday at 11:11:24 AM »

Agreed. They made an enormous leap through time, and yet the episode somehow still felt slow. I think that's just what this show is. Which is fine, I guess. There are enough really strong character moments to hold my interest. Like this week, that moment when Kim slumped down on the couch absolutely killed me.

Here's a potential plot hole. Gus and Mike have gone to extreme measures to make sure Werner and his men don't know where they are and wouldn't be able to identify Albuquerque as the location. And yet, Werner knows Gus Fring's full name. Mr. Fring this and Mr. Fring that. Gus even introduced himself as "Gus Fring" when they first met. One quick search for that name would reveal that Gus Fring owns a bunch of fast food restaurants in Albuquerque. What the heck? This only makes sense if Gus plans to murder all the workers when they're done. And I very much doubt Mike would be okay with that. Gus could secretly kill the workers, but Mike should still be fully aware of the security loophole.

Also, apparently this excavation makes no sense from a structural engineering perspective. I can suspend my disbelief, but I would have liked them to explain how they removed all that soil. (In the middle of a working laundry place, no less.)
The Director's Chair / Re: Cary Fukunaga
« Last post by Sleepless on Yesterday at 07:57:28 AM »
CF > DB. He knows what this job is. Gotta believe the only reason he's doing this is to put those "CF is difficult" rumors to rest.
This Year In Film / Re: Mission: Impossible - Fallout
« Last post by Something Spanish on Yesterday at 06:02:07 AM »
If there is one takeaway from M:I 6: Tom Cruise, that motherfucker can RUN. He went Usain Bolt on Superman's ass.
(had a blast, literal action overload)
This Year In Film / Re: hereditary
« Last post by Something Spanish on Yesterday at 05:50:02 AM »
finally saw this on blu. creepy, well made horror. can't say the experience was as jubilant as some of the posts here claim, don't think the 127-minute run time is warranted, but a good flick nonetheless. it's a lot of buildup in the second act for a payoff that felt slightly short changed. the familial psychological warfare was the most interesting stuff, in addition to all three female performances, it's just too bad gabriel byrne's character was undercut as a result to fit the concerned patriarchal stereotype. other than the absence of any law enforcement for some of the events, i wasn't too big on how the understanding of the entire plot hinged on a few flashes of pages in a book. miss those few seconds and by the time the end comes you're completely fucked. i can see where comparisons with the witch come in to play, i think this one is heavier on the horror and not bogged in outdated language. don't think seeing it in a theatre would have made a difference, was freaked out enough alone in a dark room.
The Director's Chair / Re: Cary Fukunaga
« Last post by WorldForgot on Yesterday at 05:38:59 AM »
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