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The Legend of Quiet Smoke
« on: November 05, 2004, 03:18:11 PM »

Once upon a time, in a mystical town called "exitr", there lived two soulmates.  They were so happy together.  Soulmate #1 named, Daniel was a beautiful sadomastawizard.  His muse, soulmate #2 was Sasha, a beloved imp or a troll [if you will].  Every morning Daniel would lie down on  agrass made sofa and rub broken glass peices into his chest.  He liked to try to carve sasquationized vowels into his chesbone.  Sasha stould there quiant and zooted.  Beleive me, me dear fiends for eloquent death doesen't abide nicely...

//chapter one//

From the corner of the small town through the rooms and gravestones Sahsa fucked for money.  As most imps in her ancestory she had a lot to live up to.  On certians nights during the weekend "exitr"party, Sahsa would drink sour tonic and smoke treashce weed laced w/ crincebead.  this basically fucked up her nervous system.  Oh, dear shes done it again!  Sahsa, like her imp/troll  ancestors loved to be raped.  But it wasnt treally rape in what you and I would call "rape".  No, this was done with consent.  Sahsa loves her body to be violated.  Its an incredible feeling.  And daniel stood next to her an watched.  He nevger wanted to participate in the action.  Daniel just stood in a corner lettign the nexus sun bake him in.  Warm.  Sex.  Voilated.  Swellness.  Eruption.   Do you get it now?


"Exitr" was founded in the year of astra-//-xcelce by Commander Jeaxy Ellumure III.  He was a scavebnger of sorts.  At nights duriong his youth he would call out the the moons and wave his hand trying to conur up his destiny.  Three rocks across his salvation.  Which does he choose?  Forth start points to "exitr".  The east star points to dealmene.  And the west star had already passed.  Give into the moon-path accepted.

That fateful night when Jeaxy stargazed his resurection was the beginning of "exitr".  He traveled with his  wife only.  Her name was Anne Leagheu.  She never recalled the first time that she met Jeaxy but rather an ill consumation.  Fetus aggriculture.  Turn it around.  Life begins.  Try to follow with me. be continue..............

i promise,
but if you like, tell me what you think.


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The Legend of Quiet Smoke
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2004, 04:14:35 PM »
I don't find it well written enough or engaging enough to look forward to future installments, but I would suggest you pick up William Burroughs' Naked Lunch and read the sections about Hassan's Rumpus Room and The Great Slashtubitch (respectively on pages 67 and 81 in my particular edition) and perhaps derive some inspiration from their construction.


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The Legend of Quiet Smoke
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2004, 04:18:47 PM »

Once mystical so together. #1 Daniel Sasha, beloved or troll on made and sasquationized into chesbone. dear death abide town the and Sahsa she to up would sour treashce nervous Oh, shes it raped. it treally in was with Sahsa her daniel next her watched. just in corner Eruption. you it

//origin// Ellumure He a would out and Three across salvation. does star to west

That Jeaxy his only. name Anne met an consumation. follow me. be you "exitr", lived soulmates. was beautiful His soulmate [if will]. morning would into chest. liked there and Beleive nicely... one// the of fucked money. most to. certians during weekend fucked again! like imp/troll loved what and would "rape". body be Its incredible He wanted participate the nexus in.

"Exitr" founded the of scavebnger nights his hand to up points "exitr". star already Give the resurection of He Leagheu. never the Fetus around. begins.
but tell when Jeaxy stargazed his with his wife only. Her name was Anne she met Jeaxy but rather an ill consumation. to follow with me. be continue..............

i what you think. a were happy Soulmate was a agrass sofa rub try vowels his me fiends eloquent small through rooms gravestones ancestory lot live Sahsa drink tonic smoke her system. dear done But wasnt rape done consent. loves to an stood a lettign Swellness. Do get now? by Jeaxy was he call destiny. rocks his Which points dealmene. accepted. fateful stargazed with wife Her was she Jeaxy rather ill to continue.............. what think. called They a sadomastawizard. #2 you Every Daniel peices his to quiant me,


From corner the for As On the "exitr"party, laced basically up Sahsa, her ancestors to you call No, to violated. an nevger to in action. sun him Warm. was in year astra-//-xcelce of At trying choose? to The had passed. into moon-path was beginning "exitr". traveled recalled first that aggriculture. Life Try if like, me had already passed. Give into the moon-path resurection was the beginning of "exitr". He traveled Leagheu. She never recalled the first time that Fetus aggriculture. Turn it around. Life begins. Try promise,
but if you like, tell me
context, context, context.


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