Author Topic: Other actors/directors/etc. who mention PTA  (Read 32003 times)

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Re: Other actors/directors/etc. who mention PTA
« Reply #120 on: June 17, 2017, 05:09:11 PM »

Will Ferrell talking about how Anchorman came to be:

“Paul Thomas Anderson came and guest-wrote for a week on SNL,” Ferrell said. “And he sat down with us and he was like, ‘I read that August Blowout.’ He’s like, ‘What if you guys wrote whatever you wanted to write, and I would shepherd it for you and kind of find out how to make it?’ We were like, ‘We’d do it. We’d do it in a heartbeat.’ So that’s when we wrote Anchorman. So he was one of the guardian angels even though I think the first incarnation of that was maybe a little too weird for Paul.”

“The first version of Anchorman is basically the movie Alive, where the year is 1976, and we are flying to Philadelphia, and all the newsmen from around the country are flying in to have some big convention,” he said. “Ron convinces the pilot that he knows how to fly the charter jet, and he immediately crash-lands it in the mountains. And it’s just the story of them surviving and trying to get off the mountainside. They clipped a cargo plane, and the cargo plane crashed as well, close to them, and it was carrying only boxes of orangutans and Chinese throwing stars. So throughout the movie we’re being stalked by orangutans who are killing, one by one, the team off with throwing stars. And Veronica Corningstone keeps saying things like, ‘Guys, I know if we just head down we’ll hit civilization.’ And we keep telling her, ‘Wrong.’ She doesn’t know what we’re talking about. So that was the first version of the movie. In Paul’s defense, that was a little too kooky.”


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Re: Other actors/directors/etc. who mention PTA
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Here are some videos from the Dylan Tichenor interview:


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